Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Knitscene Summer 2019: A Review

Knitscene has released their Summer 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Welded Lace Shawl. Interesting combination of traditional lace detail with a contemporary-style mohair stripe.

Beacon Fire Cardigan. There's some interesting texture and detail in this design, but I'm not convinced that it hangs all that well.

Butterfly Mitts. These are cute in a reasonably adult sort of way.

New Growth Hat. The pretty and well-executed embroidery is a nice touch.

Mended Heart Hat & Socks Set. What a cute set. These "darning style" embroidered hearts work so well against a simple colour block background.

Kindling Cardigan. I can't help but think this one would look better if it was actually big enough for the model.

Ignition Point Shawl. What gorgeous stitchwork.

Fused Market Tote. This unlined tote, with its skinny little straps, has no strength to it and will not hold much at all before it sags out of shape.

Flickering Pullover. This one would make quite a pretty and useful summer top.

Flash Point Top. This one has a fun, attractive look.

Exothermic Pullover. I'm a hard sell on both the cold shoulder look and very open weave knits, but this isn't a bad example of its kind. The shaping is good and the stitchwork is interesting.

Flames Shawl. Very pretty border on this one.

Diadem Effect Beret. The embroidery on this hat is supposed to resemble fireworks, but to my mind it bears a most unfortunate resemblance to amoebas, which appear to have mobilized and to be attacking the wearer's brain.

Combustion Shawl. An attractive contemporary-style shawl.

Sparks Top. For the woman who thinks of Daisy Duke as a fashion icon.

Sweet Spot Hat. Nice little knitted cap.

Prometheus Top. This one's a little post modern and unstructured for my tastes -- and I can never stand to have excess fabric flapping about me -- but I must admit I can think of a friend of mine with very contemporary tastes who could rock this. This design can also be worn as a scarf, and versatility always gets points in my book.

Plasma Shawl. Very effective use of the dropped stitch technique.

Oxidation Mitts. Decent mitts on the whole, but I don't think the embroidery adds much. I'd probably just replace it with a few stripes at the wrist.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Knit Simple Spring & Summer 2019: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at Knit Simple's Spring & Summer 2019 issue.

Pattern #1, Lace Cardigan. Not a bad basic design. I'd raise the dropped shoulders.

Pattern #2, One-Button Cardigan. This one has nice texture and a decent shape and would make a useful summer top layer.

Pattern #3, Striped Cardigan. Another useful basic piece.

Pattern #4, Textured Cardigan. Decent use of texture and shape here.

Pattern #5, Oversized Cardigan. I don't think the shape of this one works all that well. Knitwear is usually too bulky to carry a kimono shape.

Pattern #6, Short-Sleeve V-Neck Cardigan. This is very plain, but the shaping is good and it sits well, and one can always go with an interesting yarn and/or buttons to spice up a piece if it's too utilitarian.

Pattern #7, Malibu Ripple Shawl. Normally I'd say something like this is too "granny's afghan", but the blue and white ripples are so evocative of waves on the shore that the feel is summery and beachy rather than "this belongs on a couch". The shape is also good.

Pattern #8, Lace-Edge Cowl. This one is very fetching and interesting.

Pattern #9, Shell Cowl. This one looks a little messy and unfinished for my liking.

Pattern #10, Lacy Cowl. Love the offbeat colour combination, and the stitchwork is good.

Pattern #11, Ripple Scarf. A nice gradient effect, and the lace pattern is attractive.

Pattern #12, Lace-Fringed Scarf. Basic lace scarf.

Pattern #13, Rectangular Shawl. Attractive and wearable wrap.

Pattern #14, Diagonal Eyelet Wrap. Nice combination of gradient colour and a simple diamond pattern.

Pattern #15, Flower Motifs. This one has that "my kid made it at craft camp and now I have to at least pretend to like it and use for a month or two until I can make it discreetly disappear" look.

Pattern #16, String of Flowers Scarf. This one's a little "trying too hard" to be really wearable, and I hate to think how much it would catch on everything.

Pattern #17, Crocheted Garland. I honestly can't think of a use for this one. I suppose it could be used to decorate a yarn store.

Pattern #18, Butterfly Pin. The model's moue of distaste says it all.

Pattern #19, Child's Afghan. A simple yet graphically striking design. This one would look good done full-size too.

Pattern #20, Pillow Set. The pillows aren't bad, but tacking cheesy knitted poppies onto them do them no favours.

Pattern #21, Romper. Very cute, but I can't help but feel that I'd just have to take this design a few steps farther by putting the bunny's backside on the back of the romper, and come up with a frontal bunny design for the right side of the romper.

Pattern #22, Bunny Blanket. Very cute!

Pattern #23, Bunny Cable Blanket. Quite like this design's elegantly simple rendering of a bunny figure in cables.

Pattern #24, Bunny Cable Pullover. A worthy companion to the blanket above.

Pattern #25, Carrot-Car Pullover. This design's a little crude, and I'm left with the unfortunate impression that the carrot has almost entirely eaten the bunny and is making a quick getaway with the grisly trophy of its head.

Pattern #26, Watermelon Hat, and Pattern #27, Watermelon Pullover. Cute set. Watermelons do seem to lend themselves to particularly sweet designs for kids.

Pattern #28, Watermelon Hat with Bobbles. I like the one above better than this one. It's more polished and instantly recognizable as a watermelon.

Pattern #29, Knit/Tulle Dress. Nice little wrap bodice, though the tulle skirt doesn't quite seem to belong to it. I'd be inclined to either coordinate the colour of the tulle with the bodice, or just make bodice as a sweater that can be worn on its own.

Pattern #30, Striped Socks. I like both the pattern and the yarn used.

Pattern #31, Watermelon Blanket. Adorable!