Monday, 17 February 2020

Vogue Knitting Winter 2019/2020: A Review

Vogue Knitting has released its Winter 2019/2020 issue! Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Pattern #1, Swathe. A very nice textured wrap. It amuses me that the styling is so very 1986 -- though if this were actually 1986, the model's sweater and hair would have been big enough for three women.

Pattern #2, Java. That is... a lot of hat. But I have no quibbles with the design of the hat other than that, so it may be the perfect thing for someone who likes to go big or go bareheaded.

Pattern #3, Warp/Weft. A simple, useful, bulky cowl in bamboo stitch.

Pattern #4, Scalene. Bulky, drapey ponchos are not my bag (see what I did there?) at all, but I must admit this is well done for what it is, even if I can't help think wistfully how much better it would look on a couch. I love the colour scheme and the rhythmic triangle pattern.

Pattern #5, Klein Reversible Wrap. Basic but useable.

Pattern #6, The Sophisticate. This reminds me of long, open-front cardigan my mother used to wear around the house back in the early eighties: it also had handy pockets, and 3/4 length sleeves that wouldn't get into the food whenever my mother was working in the kitchen. This is quite a wearable, practical item that can be styled in a variety of ways, though I will say I can't help wincing a little at the absurdly short sleeves. I would raise the dropped shoulders a little.

Pattern #7, The Grandfather. This one's a bit too utilitarian for me -- it reminds me of a Mao jacket. I think maybe this design is one that calls for an interesting and/or especially beautiful yarn, as it needs a little oomph.

Pattern #8, The Multitasker. I'd fix the dropped shoulders, and I think there are better colourway choices for this pattern, but otherwise this design is quite wearable, and could be a good stash buster.

Pattern #9, The Gradient. I'd raise the dropped shoulder and neaten up the fit a little on this one, but otherwise it's a polished, contemporary, appealing piece.

Pattern #10, Folkloric Sweater. Well, this is something different. I like it -- it's not only very eyecatching, but keeps me staring at it, checking out all the details.

Pattern #11, Tendril. Lovely, and the cable pattern is fantastic.

Pattern #12, Echo. A classic lace wrap.

Pattern #13, Arbor. Another wonderful little cabled capelet. I mean, just feast your eyes on that intricate cable pattern.

Pattern #14, Nouveau. The Ravelry page notes for this design compares it to Scottish designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s famous florals. I don't disagree, and it is certainly a beautiful piece, but it would have me terrified that it was going to catch on everything.

Pattern #15, Corolla. This is a lovely little jacket, though I would fix those dropped shoulders.

Pattern #16, Herald. A very attractive pullover. Despite this being a winter issue, Vogue Knitting does seem to be looking towards spring with some of their designs.

Pattern #17, Topiary. What a sweet little cardi.

Pattern #18, The Cable Guy. This is a "from the archives" pattern, which Vogue Knitting first published in 1962, reprinted in 1985, and is running again in this issue. Despite all the sweeping changes in fashion since 1962, I don't suppose there's been a year since it was originally published in which it would have looked dated. Such is the staying power of a classic cabled pullover.