Friday, 1 May 2020

Cast On Spring 2020: A Review

Cast On has released its Spring 2020 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Blackwater Mosaic Pullover. I like the mosaic bottom of this sweater, but am not sure I care for the colour-blocked sleeves, which make the sweater look like it's a short-sleeved number worn over a white long-sleeved t-shirt. I'd be inclined to work the bottom half of the sleeves in mosaic too.

CCB Cardigan. This one's a bit of a retina-searer, with its eighties-style day-glo colours. But of course there's no need to make it in these particular colours if they don't do it for you. I can see this being cute in a single colour in a mohair blend -- as long as the cropped length and boxy shape works for the wearer. It does tend to be a hard silhouette to carry off.

CCB Pullover. This is going to prove a much more wearable version than the cropped cardigan take above. But I'd add some waist shaping, and go with another colourway.

Cable and Rib Sweater. This one has a classic, polished look to it.

Crocus in the Snow Headband. There is some pretty stitchwork in this, and I love the evocative name of the pattern, but I can't imagine anyone I know actually wearing it.

Crosswind Tee. Nice piece. The shaping is good, and I like the telling detail at the hem and on the sleeves.

Hats for Kara. These are pretty basic, but they're certainly serviceable enough.

Heartbeat Pullover. Classic cabled pullover.

Hearts Hat. Cute hat. There is something about the heart shape that makes for an appealing design.

Intertwined Hearts Pullover. Love the elegant cable detail on this one.

Kendall Dress. Um, this one needed quite a bit more work. It looks both odd and unfinished.

Mandala Cowl. This one has an eye-catchingly different look to it, with its range of fair isle design devices and atypical colourway.

MCM Pillow. Simple but effective design.

Metropolitan Modular. I rather like the design of this colourblocked sweater, but not its colourway, which has a "this is what I had in my stash" look to it.

Njord Pullover. Nice top! I like the combination of the diamond pattern body with the ribbed sleeves and hem.

Old Moons Top. This is one of those designs that would be satisfying to make because of all the techniques one gets to use to make it, but wouldn't be so rewarding to wear. It would require a layering piece underneath, its empire waist will be problematic in terms of what figures it works on and what pieces it works with, and I don't think that back opening is flattering or even particularly attractive.

Rain Chain Pillow. Nice cushion!

Ripple Henley Sweater. This one is fun -- like a contemporary take on the Charlie Brown-style sweater.

Slipped Stitch Tablet. This is... okay. I guess when it comes to protective cases, I prefer a case that's closer to "elegant and polished" than it is to "toilet paper cosy".

Sort of Charlie Brown Vest. I don't know if anyone will believe me, but I swear I wrote the Charlie Brown reference in the Ripple Henley Sweater review above before I set eyes on this design. I like this take on the Charlie Brown vest as well -- the reference isn't so obvious as to be costume-y. Though the wearer should definitely take care when flying kites or kicking footballs while wearing it.

Wild Range Socks. Handsome socks.

Zig Zag Chevron Vest. I quite like this one, which has a smart thirties-era knitwear vibe -- and that is one of my very favourite knitwear vibes.