Monday, 12 February 2018

Interweave Quick + Easy Knits: A Review

Interweave has released a magazine of Quick + Easy Knits. Let's have a look at it.

Bistro and Cucina Kitchen Dish Towels. I rather like the striped one in the foreground, which is a nice take on the classic striped dish towel, but the mustard-bordered one in the background is not nearly so pleasing.

Cable Knit Wall Hanging. I know I'm a big advocate of busting down the stash to a reasonable size, but I don't think we need to be so desperate to use up our odds and ends of yarn as this.

Chunky Bandana Cowl. Cowls should look like cowls, as opposed to a repurposed test swatch randomly slung around the neck.

Chunky Knit Baskets. I've got my doubts about how well knitted baskets will hold their shape when filled with heavy items, but I suppose knitted covers would be a nice and inexpensive way to camouflage unattractive or damaged but still functional baskets or pots. These do look rather smart.

Chunky Knit Pouf. These would be so handy for a child's room.

Crispy Cowl. This isn't bad. The stitchwork is good and the play of colour is eye-catching.

Easy Two-Color, One-Row Anyone Scarf. This is presentable enough. I'd add a fringe though, as the edges look a little unfinished as is.

Effortless Legwarmers. These are basic but they'll do for a way to showcase an beautiful or interesting yarn.

Farmhouse Flats. These are... okay... though I do prefer slippers with a little more shape and style to them. But then that's hard to find.

Gully Gloves. I'd definitely go with the "garter stitch top band" version of these half gloves. The ones that are ringed from top to bottom look a little too Slinky-like.

Keaton. Cute and wearable.

Playful Stripes. This is a fun, colourful piece, and it would be a great way to do some stash busting.

Reflecting Pool. This one's a little too rough and ready for my tastes, though it's serviceable enough.

Star Garland. This garland of stars is totally cute, and would make a fun and pretty country-style Christmas decoration, or a fanciful decoration for a nursery.

Stripey Pillow Top. Not bad overall, though I have my suspicions as to how good the seam looks.

Textured Throw Pillow. Quite nice! The design on the front is simple yet very effective and handsome.

There's a Chill in De Aire Blanket. Not bad, though I don't like that unfinished-looking edge on the ends of it. Though that's easily remedied with a band of garter stitch -- to match the one at the sides.

Tube: A Super-Simple Slipper Sock. There's no denying that these are rather cute. However, those rolls of sock at the ankle compel me to say that it's better to choose a heeled sock design.

Tyson Hat. This hat is as basic as it gets, but it's wearable enough.

These mittens are basic, but the yarn used for them adds a lot to their appeal and attraction.