Sunday, 30 June 2013

You Knit, You Score!!!!!!!!!

During the recent Stanley Cup playoffs and finals, I kept thinking I must do a post of hockey-themed patterns, but never got around to it before the season ended. And I suppose I should segue into some kind of joke about how I'm at least not as overdue in getting the job done as the Maple Leafs are, but I can't think of a clever way to do it at the minute, and anyway when your city's team hasn't brought home the Cup since well before you were born, those jokes get old. Forty-five years old, to be precise, which is if not old at least middle-aged.

Anyway, here's a selection of the best hockey knitting patterns I could find on the net and you'll have lots of time to get a few of them made for the 2013/2014 season. You'll have the option of tweaking any patterns you like to include your team's logo and/or colours, of course. And if your goal in making some of these accessories is to look cute enough to get caught on camera at the next game you attend, I'd say you have a chance. The hockey doll above is the first one, and it's a free pattern available on Ravelry. I'm wondering if that's supposed to be Wayne Gretzky. It does look a little like him, though back in his Oiler days Gretzky sported a mullet, not spikes. This is a doll that could be made to resemble a particular player by changing the skin tone and hair colour and stitching a name and number on the back of the sweater. I would totally have made this for my nephew when he was about four if I'd had the pattern back then.

Hockey player dishcloth. This is a $2(USD) pattern from Knitwits Heaven.

Skate baby booties, or should we call these baby skaties? These are before your baby even begins to attempt walking of course, but they're super cute. A Craftster member designed these and generously posted the pattern on Craftster for all to enjoy.

The Peruvian hat goes to the game! Hey, a lot of those small town rinks do not have heated seats. This pattern is available on Ravelry for free.

Here's a cute (and non-partisan) hockey tuque. The pattern is available on Ravelry for €3.49(EUR).

Here's another hockey player doll. This one is less suitable for turning into a particular player than the one above, but it does look more like an enforcer. This pattern is available for $2.99(CAD).

Hockey mittens. I could have used these back in the day when I went to my nephew's games and promptly turned into a rabid hockey aunt. Besides making me look the part, they might have kept me from clawing at the plexiglass. The pattern is available via Ravelry for $2(CAD).

Penguin mittens, which is a free pattern, and of course could be changed to show support for any team you like. Incidentally, have you ever noticed that people never seem to support sports teams based on the team's actual merits? I used to ask the men I dated why their favourite team was their favourite team, and the answer never had anything to do with how good the team was. The answers ran along the lines of, "I used to live in Chicago, so after I moved away I just kept cheering for the Blackhawks," or "Wherever I live, I always support the local team," or "My Dad took me to a Flyers game back in 1982 and it was the only thing he ever did with me, so I've been a Flyers fan ever since."

A Red Wing scarf that's actually pretty snazzy. This pattern is a free Ravelry download.

Stanley Cup Championship Shawl. These are the Pittsburgh Penguins colours, and are easily substituted for your team's colours. This pattern is a free Ravelry download.

Puck This! hat. Now this, hockey and knitting fans, is the perfect thing to wear to a Leafs' game. It's a free Ravelry download.

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