Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Love of Knitting Fall 2017: A Review

Love of Knitting has released its Fall 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Ashwood Hoodie. Lovely. I like this so much I am thinking of using this pattern to make the brown hoodie I want to make next year (my current brown hoodie being on its last fibres), although I did want a design with a zipper, and I don't know how well a zipper would look in this one. But I'm favouriting it for now anyway.

Bloomsbury Mitts. Nice detailing and shaping on these.

Chequers Brioche Scarf. I'm really liking this one. It's creative, it's attractive, it has style, and it's the kind of thing even the most sartorially unadventurous man wouldn't mind wearing.

Cotswold Capelet. This is rather a cute, fetching little piece, but I can't say I care for that bit of twisted baling wire the designer has used for a front fastener. However, there are lots of clasps out there so you can easily substitute one more to your liking if you also don't happen to like this one.

Delabole Cardigan. This is a nice piece with a good shape and some good detailing, and which I would not wear over a collarless blouse buttoned to the neck. The effect is way too prim.

Guernsey Shawl. What a beautiful piece. The stitchwork is excellent.

High Street Jacket. This isn't bad, but I've seen much more interesting fitted cardigans.

King's Road Cowl. I like this one. It sits well, and that's a beautifully and richly coloured yarn.

Mitre Square Tote. I'm liking this shoulder bag, if not the drab colours it's been done in. The slouchy shape works well at this size and with those handles.

Nottingham Lace Cardigan. Good shaping and some pretty lace detailing.

Red Moss Pullover. Not bad. I think I might go with a variegated yarn for this one. The design has a slight flatness in a solid shade.

River Blackwater Scarf. Love the stitchwork in this one.

Sherwood Forest Pullover. I'm really liking this one. The detailing at the neck, hem, and cuffs is attractive, and the colour palette works together beautifully.

Shetlandesque Stole. Another handsome scarf.

Terrapina Achilles. This is so cute, and it would be fun to pick out a colourway for it.

Thames Path Socks. This is a presentable and practical pair of hiking socks. The ribbed band around the foot is intended to help keep the socks from bunching up inside one's hiking boots.

Tweed Water Vest. This is not a bad piece. The idea of a turtleneck vest is a bit off-beat, but I think it works, and the cabling is beautifully worked out.


  1. More knitable patterns in this issue! Suspicious of the hoodie... she's holding the front together.

  2. Wow, for once there are more than one half-decent look here. That turtle is cute. I also like that first hoodie.