Monday, 5 September 2016

Cast On Summer 2016: A Review

Cast On, which does not have preview photos on its website, has finally added its Summer 2016 issue as well as its recently released Fall 2016 issue to Ravelry's database, which means that I can review both. Let's look at the Summer 2016 issue first.

Child's Gansey. Classic child's gansey. The plain panel on the bottom does give it a little touch of distinction from every other gansey pattern.

Cordage Sweater. Nice piece with good texture, attractive detailing on the shoulders and sleeves, and excellent shaping.

Danae Sweater. Very pretty summer top. The shaping is good and I like the simple yet effective use of laceweight stripes around the yoke, which not only adds visual interest but frames the wearer's face.

Dewdrop. This top wouldn't normally be my type of thing (the mesh, the draped sleeves), but I think it works. It fits so well through the waist and hips and lies smoothly across the front that the total effect of the piece is flattering and graceful. I'd like to see this one done in a more interesting yarn.

Fisherman's Net Pillow and Sailor's Cross Pillow. These are cute. I can see these looking very much at home in a beachside cottage.

Herring Lassie. I like the gansey detailing on this one, but that sleeve length looks awkward, especially when combined with the dropped shoulder effect created by the gansey detailing.

Lacy Dress. Oh, this is pretty. Put a simple slip under this and it's lovely and special enough for a bride to wear for an informal wedding.

Mesh Interrupted Scarf (the coral scarf), Scarab Lace Scarf (blue scarf), and Windows Lace Scarf (white scarf). These are some pretty pieces. The Scarab Lace Scarf is probably the one I like best. I do like the idea of wearing three scarves knotted together like this, though if I were going to do it I'd want them to be laceweight rather than DK as these are.

Mystic Song Vest. I'm not liking this one much. It's skimpy and poorly shaped and has the look of a mesh shopping bag that this model is wearing so as to keep her hands free until she gets to the grocery store.

Nautical Colorblock. This one's cute and sporty. It does have a slightly dropped shoulder, but it works in this case because the sweater's been shaped under the arm.

North Sea Gansey. Classic gansey with some really advanced shaping -- there are gussets under the arms and at neckline. As you can see, the resulting sweater sits beautifully.

Ribbed Eyelet Crew Socks. Nice little pair of anklets.

Short and Sassy Dress. We saw this dress previously when it was worn under the lovely lace dress above. It didn't belong under that dress, and it also deserves to be worn on its own. The vertical lines detailing in the front is not only attractive and interesting but will help the dress keep its flattering shape.

Tamara Square Neck Top. There is so much about this design to love -- the neckline, the front cable detailing, the raglan sleeves -- but the fact that it's too big through the hips really detracts. This piece is supposed to be A-line but I'd change the shape to make it more fitted through the bottom.