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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Pom Pom Quarterly Summer 2018: A Review

Pom Pom Quarterly has released its Summer 2018 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Anni. I like the stitchwork, neckline and sleeve edging, and colour palette, but this cropped boxy shape is going to be unflattering on most women.

Bayadere. The combination of three similarly coloured yarns, thin stripes, and garter stitch ridges on stockinette lend this pullover a surprisingly sophisticated and interesting effect.

Deauville. A simple, wearable, and not uninteresting piece for summer. That may sound like damning with faint praise, but it really isn't. It is so useful to have pieces of clothing that are simple enough to go with lots of other pieces, and yet have little details or design twists that keep them from being bland.

Herrera. I love the fantastic curving central stripe on this top, but I don't love the sad sack shape.

Judoka. This little tote bag is so very clever and visually striking. I suppose it wouldn't hold much, being only knitted and unlined, but it's such a treat to look at I almost don't care. And the styling in this photo is incredible, because the bag is the perfect finishing accessory for that supercute striped dress. If a woman passed me on the street in this smashing outfit I couldn't not notice her. I'd sneak at least several looks at her ensemble, and take mental notes.

Leiden. This isn't bad. I like the overall concept, with its Art Deco feel. I liked it better before I took a close look at it, because the stitchwork looks rough in spots.

Macklin. An understated contemporary wrap.

Nasreen. This one's rather fun in terms of its rhythmic visual curves, but this would likely be a difficult shape to carry off.

Riley. Ooh, nice. I like the subtle effect of the two similar shades and the overall design, with the framing effect created by the change of direction in the front panel. My one nitpick is that I'd neaten up the fit a bit, though this slightly oversized fit is fine too.

Tarmac. The combination of a cream and a charcoal yarn combined with a subtly two-toned I-cord trim is visually appealing, but I can't sign off on the shape of this tank top. It's going to look sloppy and unflattering on most women.

Vasarely. Another attractive contemporary-style wrap.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Pom Pom Quarterly Spring 2018: A Review

Pom Pom Quarterly has released its Spring 2018 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Cablegram. Classic cabled cap.

Carimbo. These mitts are cute and fun. I like the playfulness of the colour scheme and the two patterns.

Durumi. An eye-catching and contemporary reinvention of the classic fair isle.

Perfin. I'm rather liking the stitchwork in this one, but the shape is so terribly frumpy. This sweater looks like it belongs to a landlady who goes about in curlers and run-down slippers, leaves her teeth in the laundry room, and has eight mangy cats and a yappy, randy dog.

Postmark. These socks are super cute!

Tête-Bêche. Very cute hat.

Timbromania. A simple, pretty, and extremely wearable summer top.

Treskilling. I like the delicate, interlacing detail around the neck of this, but not the shaping, which despite the model and photographer's best efforts is so unflattering.

Vaffel. This one doesn't have the greatest shape either, but it's passable.

Vita de Vie. Quite attractive and wearable. The lacy detailing on the front and back is all the interest this pullover needs, and it's well shaped.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Pom Pom Quarterly Winter 2017: A Review

Pom Pom Quarterly has released its Winter 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Tabular. I rather like the colourblock yoke detail, but not the cropped length. However, that's easily changed.

Stellate. Very cool, contemporary style wrap.

Selenite. This isn't a bad twist on a simple striped sweater. I'd neaten up the fit a touch.

Orianna. Nice, and rather fresh, combination of fair isle and cables.

Fluorite. I really like these, and yet technically they are almost as simple as socks can be. Reverse stockinette stitch and a range of expertly arranged subtle colours make them very interesting.

Ephemeris. Another very cool shawl with a modern appeal.

Dipyramid. Very catchy graphic effect.

Bindrune. Love the stitchwork on this cardigan, but not its shaping.

Cobaltoan. Love both the brioche and the colour palate used in this hat.

Chrysocolla. A fun and visually interesting mix of cables and bobbles.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Pom Pom Quarterly Autumn 2017: A Review

Pom Pom Quarterly has released its Autumn 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Aubusson. I'm liking this one. The colour block effect is enhanced by making both colours part of each block, and the scarf is reversible, which is always advisable in a scarf.

Barbicel. That stranded pattern on the front pieces is really sharp. I'm not so thrilled with the shape of the cardigan, but that might be because these long, narrow cardigans look best on someone tall (the model is 5'8") and are hard for a shorter woman to carry off. However, if the sweater you're making is intended for a shorter wearer, it can always be shortened.

Calamus. Love this one. That colourwork is so smart and eye-catching.

Diesis. Hoo boy. I get where the designer was going with this, and it is kind of a fun, offbeat look, but it's also so unflattering and discordant to look at it that even though I know diesis is a musical term for an accidental or a mini interlude, I can't help feel as though this is a coded design you'd make for your sister if you didn't wish her well. That's how my sister would take it, anyway.

Elibelinde. I like this one, but I could do without the little protruding horn effect in the front yoke just above the stitchwork panel. It doesn't add anything but grounds to wonder if the wearer is smuggling an errant miniature reindeer in her bra.

Herati. I'm liking the unusual diamond tartan pattern in these mittens.

Overcheck. Love this cowl too. That's a bold and fun large scale check pattern.

Palmetto. Such a cute cardi. The striped contrast bands on this are fun, and the shaping is good.

Soumak. These are fetching, and as a bonus would be ideal to wear when one is a volunteer answering phones at the Red Cross.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Pom Pom Quarterly Summer 2017: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at the Summer 2017 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly.

Sevilla. A lovely stole. The lacework is beautiful.

Bash. Cute cap. The combination of chevrons and three colours (two similar and one accent) work really well together.

Soiree. The side cables and other stitchwork in this pullover are attractive, but the baggy, boxy shape of it isn't.

Shindig. Nice little wrap. I'm liking the combination of the stripes and lace and the green and cream colourway, which give it a fun, summery feel.

Boum. This is a rather smart little striped top. I like that the designer went the extra step of adding a line of colour to the neckline. However, this piece did deserve better than to be paired with a pair of droopy-bottomed track pants.

Bon Bon. These mitts are nicely worked out -- the twisted rib both works nicely with the cables on the back and will also give the mitts a useful elasticity -- but that pom pom on the back would drive me a bit nuts. Of course, it's easily left off.

Festoon. These socks are so handsome and classic I could almost believe they co-starred with Leslie Howard in some 1930s movie.

Anniversaire. An attractive and very wearable piece that will give its wearer years of good service.

Ceilidh. Another piece with some attractive stitchwork but unflattering shaping.

Hoopla. A fun cap.

Jamboree. Oh dear. This crocheted pullover might have worked if it were done in attractive colours and the fit was neatened up a bit, but as it is it has too much working against it.

Sparklers. Another nice cap, and as a bonus it's reversible.

Knees Up. I'm rather taken by the concept of a high-contrast sock stockinette foot and ribbed leg, but the slouchy fit on the ankle isn't doing it for me. I did my time in the slouchy sock department back in the eighties and don't care to repeat the experience.

Rave. An attractive wrap. I like the garter and cable combination.

Zazie. Nice work! The zig zag pattern has a tendency to look either too afghan-y or too Charlie Brown, but this designer has very cleverly set the look at a remove from these associations by adding an interesting blending effect to the zig zag.

Fête. Good shaping and an interesting neckline.