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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Boardwalk Knitting

All I can tell you about this image is that it's a screencap from some video game, a teaser released back in August 2010. The blogger reporting on it didn't know what it was from, and has never updated his post. It may have been from a game released only to the Japanese market.

I don't play video games (not because I don't like them in a way but because whenever I have played them I was always mad at myself for the sheer waste of time they constitute), so I don't know what game this is from. But if I knew, I might play this one. I mean, come on, this looks like "the mobsters of Boardwalk Empire learn to knit and meet Evil Sockboy". How can that do otherwise than rock?

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Knitting Goes Virtual

Funny, but guess what, there really IS an knitting Wii, called Kniittiing. To me the whole point of knitting is to have an actual, useful item to show in return for the time investment and RSIs. But of course we all have our own interests, tastes, and goals. Different strokes and stitchwork, and all that.