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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Some Frightfully Good Halloween Costumes

The photo above is of the Witchy Hands design, by Lion Brand Yarn. It's a free pattern.

If you want a witch's hat to go with your witchy hands, I suggest this knitted witch hat design, by Cathy Scott. This pattern is available for $4.30(USD).

If you feel evil witches who dress all in unrelieved black are old hat, you might like this Which Witch design, by Tonks. This pattern is available for $3(USD).

If witches aren't your thing, this Jackyll & Hide sack masque, by Saskia de Feijter, might work for you. This is a Knitty pattern, and so is available for free.

If you're feeling devilish, you might like to make the Bokaclava design by Anne-Marie Dunbar. It's a free pattern and is sized for both children and adults.

If you're a Cthulhu/Lovecraft enthusiast, perhaps you'll enjoy knitting the Cthulhuclava, by Anne-Marie Dunbar. This pattern is available for £3.00(GBP).

Feeling cerebral? How about this Brain Hat, by Alana Noritake. This pattern is available for $5(USD).

I hope none of my male readers turned to stone when they saw this Medusa wig. I have too few of you to lose! Unfortunately this particular pattern is not available, but the Medusa wig design by Grace Breyley, which is available for $2(USD), is similar and could be adapted by an experienced knitter.

What's that in the sky? It's a onesie! It's a sleeper! No, it's a Superbaby costume, by Jennifer Lori. This pattern is available for download for $4.99(USD).

Here's a costume for your little lamb, the Lammekostyme design, by Margot Stevens. This pattern is available for free.

If you think your baby is particularly merry, daring, and fair-minded, there's always The Legend of Baby Link design, by Joanna Rankin. This pattern is available for free.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Knitting a Wig to Flip

For today's post I've selected eleven examples of yarn wigs for your inspiration and entertainment. They're not something one can wear in daily life, obviously, but they'd form a pretty funny part of a costume for Halloween or some kind of fancy dress event, and might even make a good gift for a cancer patient who has the right sense of humour (pro tip: check with the person in advance). The above is the Princess Leia Wig, and the pattern is available for $7.95(USD). You can also make a Leia wig for your baby.

If you've always been more of a Trekkie than a Star Wars type, you can make a Spock wig. The pattern is available for free.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be pattern for this Elvis wig, and the website on which it originally appeared is down, but perhaps you can make a replica using the photo as your guide. There is another Elvis wig pattern available for free on Ravelry but it's pretty... over the top. Literally.

If you're into Revolutionary War re-enactments, this might be perfect for turning you into a British naval captain. The pattern is available for free on the blog Bel far niente.

If you've got a Thing 1 and possibly also a Thing 2 at home, you can have lots of good fun that is funny by making these wigs for them. The pattern is available for $5(USD.)

This Hallowig pattern is available for free on Knitty and seems to have been widely used — there are loads of them depicted on the internet. They remind me of the hair on the old-style girl character Lego pieces from thirty or more years ago.

I can't decide whether crocheting this Cabbage Patch Kid wig would be a demonstration of good or bad parenting, but you can buy the pattern for $5.99(USD) and find out for yourself.

The next time you feel like sailing the seven seas and doing some plundering and pillaging, you'll have the headgear for it! This Viking hat and wig is a free pattern.

I might just have to make this Desperate Hausfrau wig myself and put it with the rest of my landlady costume (bifocals, shapeless housedress, stockings in rolls around my ankles, scuzzy slippers, eight mangy cats and a nasty-tempered, hyper little dog) in order to scare the back rent out of my tenant. This wig design is a free pattern from Knitty.

If the curler do above doesn't appeal, you can also be another kind of desperate housewife, Marge Simpson. This pattern is available for free.

Of course I can't do a really comprehensive wig post unless I include an example of a merkin, which is a wig for um, down there. Pretty Prudent posted this one as an April Fool's joke. My hat (or wig as the case might be) is off to them for actually getting someone to model it. And staging it with a wine glass was a classy touch, don't you think? There's no pattern available, but if you're determined to go there.... it shouldn't be too hard to copy.