Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Some Frightfully Good Halloween Costumes

The photo above is of the Witchy Hands design, by Lion Brand Yarn. It's a free pattern.

If you want a witch's hat to go with your witchy hands, I suggest this knitted witch hat design, by Cathy Scott. This pattern is available for $4.30(USD).

If you feel evil witches who dress all in unrelieved black are old hat, you might like this Which Witch design, by Tonks. This pattern is available for $3(USD).

If witches aren't your thing, this Jackyll & Hide sack masque, by Saskia de Feijter, might work for you. This is a Knitty pattern, and so is available for free.

If you're feeling devilish, you might like to make the Bokaclava design by Anne-Marie Dunbar. It's a free pattern and is sized for both children and adults.

If you're a Cthulhu/Lovecraft enthusiast, perhaps you'll enjoy knitting the Cthulhuclava, by Anne-Marie Dunbar. This pattern is available for £3.00(GBP).

Feeling cerebral? How about this Brain Hat, by Alana Noritake. This pattern is available for $5(USD).

I hope none of my male readers turned to stone when they saw this Medusa wig. I have too few of you to lose! Unfortunately this particular pattern is not available, but the Medusa wig design by Grace Breyley, which is available for $2(USD), is similar and could be adapted by an experienced knitter.

What's that in the sky? It's a onesie! It's a sleeper! No, it's a Superbaby costume, by Jennifer Lori. This pattern is available for download for $4.99(USD).

Here's a costume for your little lamb, the Lammekostyme design, by Margot Stevens. This pattern is available for free.

If you think your baby is particularly merry, daring, and fair-minded, there's always The Legend of Baby Link design, by Joanna Rankin. This pattern is available for free.


  1. That Jackyll and Hide, and Bokaclava are some of the creepiest knitting I've seen - but all redeemed with the super cute kids outfits. I so want to make that lamb!

  2. Love this collection of weird wonderful knits. Thanks for sharing them with us!