Monday, 14 October 2013

Thanksgiving, eh?

This year I faced the prospect of having to do two Thanksgiving posts: one for the Canadian Thanksgiving as I'm Canadian; and one for the U.S. Thanksgiving as the majority of my readers are American. I decided to put together a selection of autumnal-themed designs for the Canadian Thanksgiving post (to wit: this one), leaving the topic of explicitly Thanksgiving-related patterns for the U.S. Thanksgiving post, which seems only fair given that Thanksgiving was their idea in the first place.

The pattern above is the first autumnal pattern of this post. It's the Autumn Fall Leaves pattern by Erssie Major. Please note that this design, which is available as a $1 download, is only a chart that can be applied towards any design you wish to make, not a full pattern in itself.

This cardigan is the Autumn pattern by Ruth Sørensen, and is available as a $8(USD) download.

These are the Autumn Fire Mittens, designed by Jouni Riihelä and Leena Riihelä. Love the slightly offbeat but still autumnal colourway. This pattern is available as part of a kit.

If all that colourwork isn't for you, you might try a textured solid colour pattern. This is the Oaked hat, designed by Alicia Plummer. It's available as a $4(USD) pattern.

This is the Autumn Leaf Beret, designed by Nicky Epstein. The pattern appears in Epstein's book Knitting in Circles: 100 Circular Patterns for Sweaters, Bags, Hats, Afghans, and More.

A bit of simple embroidery sets the otherwise basic Autumn Leaves Jacket apart. This pattern, which was designed by Jenny Snedeker, is available for free.

Love these Autumn Road Socks. This sock pattern is a Sweaterscapes design and is available for $3.50(USD).

These are the perfect autumnal socks. There is no pattern available for these socks as Ravelry user Lunitink improvised this pattern from a basic double knit heel sock pattern, but it should be easy for a good knitter to do the same with the help of the picture.

This is the Autumn Leaves Hat, designed by Terry Morris. The pattern is available as a $5(USD) download.

These are the Oregon Handwarmers, by Alice Starmore. This pattern is available as a part of a kit, which includes the pattern and materials to make not only the handwarmers but also a cowl, hat, and gloves.

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