Monday, 27 August 2018

Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2018: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at Vogue Knitting's Early Fall 2018 issue.

Pattern #01, Yoked Pullover. The yoke on this turtleneck is fabulous. What I wouldn't give to have a little more neck so that I might wear styles like this one.

Pattern #02, Tuck Stitch Yoked Pullover. Nice smocked effect on this one. It's a larger, looser fit than I would recommend, but it would be easy to make it a little smaller, and this is a design that suits a relaxed fit.

Pattern #03, Textured Yoke. Another comfy and attractive pullover. I'd neaten up the fit a little.

Pattern #04, Yoked Sweater. A very wearable, classic piece.

Pattern #05, Herringbone Tee. Not bad. This would be a bit on the thick and bulky side as to texture, but it has a certain smartness to its shape and gradient effect.

Pattern #06, Placket Neckline Poncho. I like the tweedy effect of the yarn, but I am sure I would find the shape cumbersome and unflattering. I'm not a fan of the poncho in general though, so your mileage may vary.

Pattern #07, Collegiate V-Neck. Cute and sporty little piece.

Pattern #08, Turtleneck Tunic. I rather like this one, which strikes me as a versatile piece that could be worn with trousers, leggings, or tights and boots. I would add a bit of waist shaping though.

Pattern #09, Gradient Cardigan. Not bad. The shaping is good, and I do like a gradient effect, though I think there are more interesting colourways to do it in.

Pattern #10, Hooded Poncho. Call me rigid, but I don't believe that one's knitwear should be large enough to house more than two people.

Pattern #11, Lace Dress. This one's an undeniable head turner, if not for the faint of heart.

Pattern #12, Cable Cardigan. The cabled texture is great, the lines of the design aren't bad, but I feel like this this one needed edge finishing and a front closure.

Pattern #13, Kimono Cardigan. This looks like neither a kimono nor a cardigan. This looks like an unfinished piece of knitting that's been slung around this woman's body.

Pattern #14, Openwork Tunic. This tunic can double as a shopping bag, but I think I'd use it solely as a shopping bag.

Pattern #15, Mesh Sleeve Pullover. A good, wearable piece. I like the idea of putting the texture on the sleeves.

Pattern #16, Tasseled Cowl. Not bad. As you can see from the photo on this pattern's Ravelry page, this cowl looks better when worn doubled around the neck. Wearing a cowl single strand like this tends to have that unfortunate "deflated inner tube" look.

Pattern #17, Buttoned Gradient Wrap. This one doesn't sit to advantage on the model, but I'm inclined to go easy on it because I like the colours and stitchwork.

Pattern #18, Poncho Fit Pullover. This one has a "frumpy thrift shop number from the 1980s" look to it.

Pattern #19, Ribbed Yoke. As soon as I saw this, I knew I'd seen it before, and indeed I had, as it originally appeared in Vogue Knitting's Winter 2001/02 issue, which I have in my collection. I liked the pattern then and I still like it, but I may need a little time to recover from the realization that a pattern from 2001 is old enough to "bring back".