Monday, 23 October 2017

Creative Knitting Winter 2017: A Review

Creative Knitting magazine has released its Winter 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Bodacious Bobble Hat. Cute, though I can think of better colourways for it.

Color Play Vest. This looks for all the world like a bathmat with a button on it.

Color Theory Throw. I love this one without qualification.

Cozy Cabin Cowl. This has a slightly rough, patched-together look.

Kireina Cardigan. Very attractive stitchwork in this one, and good shaping, though I would add another inch or so to the depth of that collar. As you can see, it's not lying flat even in this photo.

Knit & Weave Cowl. This is another cowl that has a patchy, tacked-together look.

Rainy Day Reading Socks. Cute, cheerful socks.

Beguiling Basket-Weave Cap & Scarf. This is a handsome hat and scarf set with good texture, and it would work with most jackets and coats.

On the Edge. The Ravelry page for this pattern calls it a dress and Creative Knitting's blurb calls it a poncho. I'd call it a tunic, myself, and given that it's so bulky, not a terribly flattering one. It's never a good sign when a model needs to cock her hip and put one hand on her waist to make a design look good.

Transitional Tunic. Nice detailing at the neck and cuffs, but this A-line shape may be a tricky one to wear.

Weekender Pullover. Bland simple pullover with dropped shoulders. There are better basic patterns out there.

Wrapture. Knit coats can be hard to wear, but this isn't bad at all. It sits quite well. It's very simple and neutral, but that means that it'll go with the maximum number of outfits, and the mohair-like texture keeps it from being boring. I'd do this in a beautiful quality, textured yarn in a colour that is a pleasure to look at, and use some sort of interesting fastener for the toggle, like a brooch. I'd also fix the dropped shoulders.

Archways Hat. Cute cabled hat.

Bisqueware Poncho. This sits so well, and the colourway's lovely.

Cables on the Catwalk. I rather like this one. It's bulky, but it's well shaped enough that it doesn't swamp the model, and it would turn a simple outfit into something interesting.

Wandering Cables. I'm less than enthused about this one. I usually am an easy sell on a cable cardigan, but this one has such a bulky, awkward look to it, with its dropped shoulders and deep neckline.

Ski Lodge Wrist Warmers. I'd put half-thumbs on these. The design looks like it's been amputated as is.