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Monday, 6 November 2017

Rib Magazine No. 3 Alchemy: A Review

Rib Magazine has released its third issue, "Alchemy". Let's have a look at it.

Alchemy Pullover. Nice one! I like the way the different bands of colour blend together.

Protean Pullover. Oooh, handsome! And the sweater's attractive and classic too. (Sorry, a little deprived here.)

Isometric Scarf. Very wearable, nicely textured scarf.

Háls Cowl. I'm loving the little Fair Isle motifs, and this checked effect is a creative way to use them.

Revolution Watch Cap. A classic knitted cap with a bit of a twist provided by its inventive stitchwork.

Tetrahedron Socks. These are fun and also have a 1930s throwback feel, which is one of my design sweet spots. The ripple texture and dark heels and toes make for a good-looking sock, and the houndstooth patterned heels is such a great added touch.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Rib Magazine Issue 2: A Review

Rib magazine has released its second issue. Let's have a look at it.

Navigate Pullover. A handsome and eye-catching new take on the classic cabled pullover.

Rigging Pullover. I'm not thrilled with the way the collar sits on this one, though otherwise it's a nice piece.

Survey Pullover. An excellent use of colour blocking -- and colour blocking can be tricky to pull off.

Cayley Pullover. Lovely piece, lovely colour.

River Rocks Scarf. This brioche scarf has more style than most men's scarves, and yet it's quiet enough for any man to wear. I love the reverse colourway effect of the two sides.

Direction Mitts. Some interesting detailing.

Fickle Steps Socks. I'd wear these myself.

Orienteering Hat. A simple, attractive cap.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Rib Magazine, Issue 1: A Review

Podcasters Eric (from the Sticks + Twine Podcast) and Devone (from the Handmade and Woolen Podcast) have just launched a new knitting magazine called Rib, and guess what... it's written specifically for men who knit and those who knit for them in what may be a knitting magazine first. Vogue Knitting has done at least one special issue for men, but to the best of my knowledge there aren't any English language knitting magazine titles that offer only patterns for men. It'll be interesting to see what design direction the magazine takes, and how it does in sales. Let's have a look at the first issue.

Dragonmoss. This is a handsome, non-fussy piece that I can easily imagine the bachelors of my acquaintance being happy to have on their couches, even though in some cases part of the pillow's job would be to hide the beer stains and broken springs.

Lakeshore Boulevard Pullover. I'm liking this one, which offers a modern take on the traditional gansey pattern.

Metropolitan Hat & Cowl. An attractive and wearable set. I like the lattice stitchwork on both hat and cowl.

Patina Pullover. This pullover couldn't be plainer, but as always with a simple pattern, using a beautiful and/or interesting yarn will give it all the interest it needs.

Stalactite Scarf. This one combines some clever stitchwork with a very cool, interesting yarn.

Urban Aran Mitts. A very nice-looking and wearable pair of mitts.

I'd say this magazine is off to a promising start with its six solid designs, though I am hoping in future issues we'll see more colour and daring in the designs.