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Monday, 23 December 2019

Knit Simple Holiday 2019: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at Knit Simple's Holiday 2019 issue.

Pattern #01, Wristers. This is a nice, simple pair of fingerless gloves with some inexplicable embroidered crap on them.

Pattern #02, Embroidered Scarf. I'm a little torn on this one. It's an attractive piece of handiwork, but I can't help thinking it looks too much like a dresser scarf to work as an item of wearing apparel.

Pattern #03, Embroidered Cardigan. This one isn't working for me either. It has a slightly frumpy shape, and the embroidery has a somewhat random look to it -- it's neither adding nor exactly detracting from the overall look, but is simply... there.

Pattern #04, Hat; and Pattern #05, Scarf. The scarf is fine, but the shape of that hat is, um, something. In this season of icy sidewalks, is wearing a bumper pad hat a thing now?

Pattern #06, Lovikka Mittens. More random and crude-looking embroidery. Seriously, a simple stripe or fair isle pattern would be a big improvement on this.

Pattern #07, Embroidered Mittens. This embroidery is supposed to be a "floral motif", but it looks much more like random clots of yarn.

Pattern #08, Snowflake Hat; and Pattern #09, Snowflake Scarf. This is a cute set. The embroidered snowflakes look like snowflakes, and I like the effect of the white on red.

Pattern #10, Snowflake Sweater. Very much like this one. It's simple and pretty and very wearable, and I would totally style it exactly this way -- with a little tartan skirt.

Pattern #11, Snowflake Cardigan. I like actual knitted part of this sweater, but that rough-looking embroidery does it no favours. Embroidered motifs can be dicey on knitwear. It can look really effective, and it can also look like it was done by a five-year-old.

Pattern #12, Purl Stitch Snowflake Blanket. This is perfectly lovely.

Pattern #13, Stranded Snowflake Hat. A very decent hat for a kid. It's cute without being cutesy.

Pattern #14, Striped Shawl. I'm a little meh on this one. I rather like the contempory play of stripes, but it's not as appealing as it should be. I think the problem is the colourway -- that charcoal isn't working with the old rose and pink. I'd do this one in a more neutral colourway for a sharper look and better wearability.

Pattern #15, Men's Scarf. This is a little unpolished for my liking, but the yarn is attractive and I think it works on the whole.

Pattern #16, Capelet. This is a pretty piece on the whole, but I'm not sold on the collar detail, which has an unfinished look.

Pattern #17, Family Socks. These are basic socks. They look like they'd be a good beginner sock for the inexperienced knitter.

Pattern #18, Men's Cap. A very decent basic cap.

Pattern #19 & #20, Cabled Set. Cute, classic set.

Pattern #21, Reindeer Mittens. These are a little cheesy, but I must admit they are the kind of thing that will delight a very small child.

Pattern #22, Headband. The brooch adds such a lot of style and visual interest to this simple headband.

Pattern #23, Long Cowl. Nice simple piece. The recurring bands of garter stitch combined with the gradient yarn give this cowl all the interest it needs.

Pattern #24, Sideways Cable Pullover. I like the looks of this one, but I do have my concerns about how it would hang when the wearer isn't posed for maximum effect the way this model is. This sweater looks as though it would be somewhat bulgy in the middle when left to hang naturally.

Pattern #25, Embellished Scarf. Attractive and wearable. This scarf would go nearly anywhere and with nearly any outfit.

Pattern #26, Lacy Scarf. Lovely!

Pattern #27, Waterfall Cardigan. This looks like it was made out of mesh shopping bags... in five minutes.

Pattern #28, Beaded Fingerless Mitts. Pretty and wearable.

Pattern #29, Fireside Throw. Nice piece, but I can't help thinking it would look better with a border.

Pattern #30, Mosaic Pillows. These have an attractive texture. The colourway is a little uninspiring, but of course that's easily remedied.

Pattern #31, Linen Stitch Basket. Your basic knitted basket.

Pattern #32, Half-Circle Rug. This one's a little too "whipped up" for me. Knitting designs do need to have a little more verve than a random swath of garter stitch.

Pattern #33, Pillow & Lapghan. I like the throw, but the pillow could use a rework. I'd lose the tassels, and either do the entire pillow in the dash and dot pattern, or possibly add a frame of garter stitch to it, as with the afghan.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Knit Simple Fall 2019: A Review

Knit Simple has released their Fall 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we? There is a Ravelry page for this issue, but as of this writing it only has two pattern pages, which I've added to the post.

This one's quite attractive and wearable. That is a nicely shaped neckline, and though there is a slight dropped shoulder I think it's fine for this design.

This one combines a 1960s-ish style with a contemporary colourblock concept, and the effect is fun, though there are more interesting colour combinations for this style than the one used here.

A really lovely cap and cowl set.

This one looks less like a shawl than it does an upcycled curtain. I'd have added a little more shaping.

This scarf looks like a beginner project -- like something someone with a modicum of knitting skill could make without a pattern. Actual patterns should offer knitters something more than that.

Very much like this one. It's simple, yet so wearable, and that neckline detail gives the piece such a polished look.

Cute, though I'm not quite satisfied with the rendering of the hippos. The circles look a little random and odd.

Also cute. I do like the combination of the hippos, the stripes, and the grass effect.

Not a bad little jacket. This design makes me think of Elizabeth Zimmerman's iconic Tomten jacket.

Simple and usable little booties.

Nice little baby sacque. I think I'd go with more interesting buttons on this one, as it needs a little something.

A very decent striped baby blanket. This would be a good scrap yarn project.

I would go with fun colours for these textured hats.

The design isn't bad but I'm finding the red and brown "brick wall" colourway used here a little too literal and not that pleasing.

Nice texture. I do like a faux fur bobble on a handknit hat.

A pleasing, simply textured hat.

A very decent hat and cowl set.

These are very smart.

Pattern #20, Wide Plaid Pillows. Very eye catching!

A nice tartan effect.

Really like this gingham-look afghan.

Pattern #23, Fingerless Mitts. Basic but serviceable enough.

I like the design of this set well enough, but the colours are making my retinas ache.

Simple crocheted stole.

This is an inoffensive little wrap, but that's one weirdly haphazard way to style it.

I think this one might make me feel as though I had two overextended dishcloths wound around my neck.

A rather cute set. The gray, hot pink, and orange colourway at least works better in this design than it did in the set four designs above.