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Monday, 9 July 2018

Twist Collective July 2018: A Review

Twist Collective has released their July 2018 issue, and it so happens to be their tenth anniversary issue. Let's congratulate them and have a look at it, shall we?

Metropolis. Not a bad little jacket. The collar sits well and the cable and pleat detail on the back make for a finished look.

Rockefeller. Nice, wearable piece. A sleeveless knit top with some interesting detail is such a useful piece for summer, because it can be dressed up or down, worn with nearly anything, and go nearly anywhere.

Heliotrope. Not bad. The ribbing detail gives the piece a contemporary feel.

Greenwich. This is quite a vivid, interesting piece. I'd put this shawl over a simple outfit.

Intrepid. Classic cabled cardigan.

Bellflower. Beautiful lacework in this one.

Alinea. This one's a rather interesting, modern-looking design. And though it has dropped shoulders, I think this is one of those rare exceptions when the dropped shoulders work so well with the design that it's unnecessary to fix them.

Deloraine. Pretty little lacy cardi for the warmer seasons.

Primp. This is cute, and has a couple of interesting twists. The ribbed cuffs and bottom are a nice touch, as is the way the triangular buttons echo the triangular lace motifs.

Concourse. Fabulously punchy. I couldn't not notice this one if I saw it on someone.

Windjammer. A crisp and lovely take on the classic Breton-stripe sweater.

Osculation. A very appealing contemporary-style wrap. I've used a photo that shows the entirety of the shawl, but as you can see from the other photos on the design's Ravelry page, it looks very good on.

Liminal. I like the back wrap detail, and the eyelet edging, but I've got my concerns about how flattering that A-line shape is likely to prove.

Eigengrau. That fair isle pattern is fantastic.

Aerial. This one has a certain minimalist appeal.

Solaris. Rather a nice piece with some pretty lace detailing.

Glint. What a darling little capelet.

Donastia. I would work the lace pattern in the sleeves all the way to the top of the raglan for this one rather than having the top part of the sleeve in stockinette, which creates a dropped shoulder effect.

Awelan. This is a rather graceful, flowy, layering piece.

Casablanca. Another eye-catching, contemporary-style shawl.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Knitscene Fall 2018: A Review

Knitscene has released its Fall 2018 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Frances Sweater. Not bad. Putting this open-centre cables on the sleeves gives the classic cabled sweater design a contemporary feel.

Felicity Sweater. Nice. I like the inclusion of a touch of lace in the cable pattern.

Greta Cardigan. Another nice modern twist on the cabled cardigan, but I would fix the mullet hem. Ain't nothing modern or cool about the mullet.

Lucy Sweater. I love the Art Deco vibe of the cabled device on this one, and the detailed cuffs, but I would fix the dropped shoulders.

Olivia Sweater. Quite smart and striking.

Suzy Cardigan. Really attractive and wearable, with an interesting bit of detail in the cable across the back. I'd consider making this one for myself.

Natalie Sweater. The designer has tried to introduce some asymmetry into this piece, but didn't achieve the counterbalance that asymmetry requires. With one sleeve cabled and the other plain, and all that cabled detail on the bottom two-third of the body, this one has a lop-sided, bottom heavy feel to it.

Eleanor Mittens. These are so big and clumsy-looking they look more like oven mitts than cold weather mittens.

Wendy Cowl. Nice. That's one graphically striking pattern.

Margot Top. Honestly, this one comes across like some stretched-out thrift shop number some editor decided to include (and even more inexplicably style over a prairie dress) because they hadn't met quota on the number of designs for this issue.

Cate Cardigan. This one has a cute, fun, young look to it. Nice shaping and play of colour.

Ingrid Vest. This one would be a useful top layer for fall. And a way to brighten up the wearer's day if you go with a bright colour like this one.

Agatha Shawl. Very cool stitchwork in this one. It's like an art print.

Beatrice Sweater. I like the lace insert concept, but not that the lace piece hangs below the hem of the body of the sweater. It looks like a mistake. I'd fix that so the sweater has an even hemline all the way around.

Helen Cowl. Some really attractive stitchwork in this, and I like the combination of turquoise and copper.

(There aren't, at least as of this writing, Ravelry pages for this cowl or the three others that follow it.) I like this one, which has the look of a seascape.

I like this one too, with its simple yet effective check stitch.

A garter stitch cowl isn't a bad way to showcase a self-striping yarn.

I like the combination of the teal, lime, and white colour scheme and the garter and stockinette stitchwork. They set each other off.

Claire Sweater. Some lovely yoke detailing on this one, and the shape is perfect.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Creative Knitting Autumn 2018: A Review

Creative Knitting has released their Autumn 2018 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Apple Cider Scarf. Not bad at all. The tassels are an attractive finishing touch.

Fennel Tea Scarf. This is a handsome piece, and hoods are a good way to go for keeping your head warm, because they won't crush your hair the way a hat will.

Hazelnut Latte Shawl. A very nice-looking shawl with interesting texture.

Pumpkin Spice Hat & Mitts Set. A classic hat and mitts set.

Turmeric Tea Hat & Scarf. Very pretty. I love the lacework.

Chamomile Poncho. I'm not a big poncho fan, but there is the occasional one that strikes my fancy. This one has a gorgeous play of colour, it sits well, and it's also well-styled, because this is one of those items that speak for itself and is best worn with an otherwise simple, low-key outfit.

Espresso Poncho. The stitchwork is good, but the shape is very bulky.

Harvest Cocoon. I'm not such a fan of this one, which is so bulky in the back and gives this woman the look of being in the overly enthusiastic embrace of some sort of mollusc.

Mulberry Hooded Wrap. This one's okay. The idea of a hooded poncho is something a bit different, but it's been designed so that the hood can be worn up or as a cowl. I do like the play of colour in the yarn.

Mulled Wine Capelet. This is rather pretty and would work over a variety of outfits.

Cranberry Cider Cardigan. Nice stitchwork, the shaping is good, and this sits so well and is such a wearable, useful piece. Even the model is all, "I know, right?!"

Matcha Latte Pullover. This one, with its simple yet flattering shape and simple yet telling textural detail is one to make in a beautiful yarn in your favourite colour and wear with everything.

Plum Toddy Pullover. The colour blocking on this is quite sharp. I'm not thrilled with the shaping, but this design is one of those cases where the drop shoulder can't be fixed without impacting the design's visual impact. I'd neaten up the fit a bit though, and add waist shaping.

Spiced Cider Cardigan. This isn't bad. It's serviceable at any rate. It's a little small on the model, which is detracting from its effect, and I'd double the number of buttons and buttonholes.

Strawberry Mocha Sweater. A classic turtleneck. Though I will note, in reference to its name, that I have never seen a strawberry that colour, and if I did, I wouldn't eat it.