Monday, 30 September 2019

Vogue Knitting Fall 2019: A Review

Vogue Knitting has released their Fall 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

#1, Oversized Pullover. I'm always a hard sell on any clothing design that fits like a house, as I don't think it's a flattering look on anyone and personally I can't bear the bulk and weight and awkwardness of very oversized clothing, though some people find that sort of thing cozy. So, while the black and white contrast of this sweater is sharp and the cables are lovely, I can't help thinking it would be a more attractive and wearable sweater if it were a standard fit with raised shoulders, or, if one wanted to go oversized, merely one size up from one's regular size, as opposed to three or four.

#2, Yoke Pullover. No complaints here. This one's a lovely classic look.

#3, Hat & Cowl. A nice-looking set. It would be fun to pick out a colourway for this one.

#4, Mosaic Turtleneck. This is a striking, contemporary look.

#5, Tilework Top. And this one is even more eye-catching. Very mod!

#6, Mitered Tunic. This is a new take on the gradient effect: mitred squares in a neutral frame. I like it, though I would neaten up the fit a little.

#7, Lace Pullover. Very pretty, but I would fix those dropped shoulders.

#8, Bell Sleeve Pullover. Beautiful stitchwork, and the bell sleeves and old rose colour work with the romantic effect of the lace.

#9, Cable and Lace Pullover. The asymmetrical panel gives a classic lace pullover a modern twist.

#10, Stranded Yoke Pullover. This is such a fun, attractive, wearable piece.

#11, Brioche Pullover. I'd fix the dropped shoulders and make the sleeves neater fitting. The exaggerated neckline of this sweater is all it needs.

#12, Pleated Tunic. This is super cute. Nice shaping and detailing, and it sits so well.

#13, Simple Pullover & Scarf. I'm not sure how practical a short-sleeved sweater and scarf set is, unless the wearer is someone who takes a chill specifically in the neck region while their arms somehow stay warm. There are such people (i.e., a girl I knew in high school who refused to alter her 1980s mullet hairstyle well into the 1990s despite the urging of all her friends, because as she put it, her "neck would get cold").

#14, Yoke Pattern Pullover. Beautiful. The yoke and lines are pleasing, and there's nothing quite like a mohair silk blend yarn.

#15, Lace Stripe Pullover. This is fetching. I like the neat shape and colour and the hint of skin showing beneath.

#16, Boxy Pullover. I'd call this shapeless rather than boxy, and those abbreviated sleeves look simply absurd.

#17, Tawny. This is... okay. I'd make this one just one size too large, as a relaxed fit will work well with this casual style.

#18, Zebra Pullover. For the zebra enthusiast in your life! This is a well-rendered design for what it is, even though the zebra looks a little fiercer and more pinched in the muzzle than zebras usually look.

#19, Crewneck Pullover. This one is a "from the archives" Perry Ellis design, which was originally published in Vogue Knitting Fall/Winter 1983. It has aged very well, and though I'm not one for animal skin motifs, if I were to wear one, this would probably be my pick.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Pom Pom Quarterly Autumn 2019: A Review

Pom Pom Quarterly has released its Autumn 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Fata Morgana. Nice classic piece. I like the combination of ripples and lace. The shaping is maybe a little on the boxy side, but that's easily remedied.

Seelig. Fabulous contemporary-style wrap. This one would work well sized up to afghan size too.

Astragal. Some lovely detailing on the yoke, hem and cuffs of this one. It's not a particularly flattering shape -- even on this professional model -- but again, shaping is an easy fix on a standard design sweater like this one.

Aphotic. A very handsome piece. Quite like the texture and fair isle yoke.

Eventide. This one is a little too doily-esque for me, and the shape isn't flattering.

Isobue. This wouldn't normally be my type of design (asymmetry usually makes me twitchy), but I think it works. It's both visually interesting and pleasing to look at, and I like the soft yet sophisticated palette. Do make sure your version fits the intended wearer, though. Gaping button bands are never a good look.

Timbre. A nice cap with some subtle stitchwork. This is a mohair silk blend yarn, and the photo all but gives me the feeling of how soft it is.

Trove. Not bad. I think I'd go with a more lively colourway, and fix those dropped shoulders.

Columella. Classic cabled wrap.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Piecework Fall 2019: A Review

Piecework has released their Fall 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Brocade Vestment. This originally appeared in Interweave's Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits issue, which I reviewed here. I agree with my 2013 review of this item. This is a beautiful piece of work, but isn't all that well-styled. I'd either reshape this vestment so that it could be worn on its own, or make a special dress to wear with it.

Half-Day Off Mitts. These also appeared in the Downton Abbey issue, and I called them nice and wearable. The me of today agrees with 2013 me.

Lace-Leaf Pocket Cardigan. This design is from the second Downton Abbey issue, which was published in 2014. When I reviewed it, I said this cardigan had pretty detailing but looked too small on the wearer.

Magpie Gloves to Knit. These are attractive in a smart way. If I were making these, I'd be inclined to whip up a matching hat or scarf.

Swedish Nostalgia Shawl to Knit. I like the sampler feel of this one.

Valentina's Shawl to Knit. This one is delightfully quaint as well as a fine piece of lacework.

Weldon’s French Trellis Shawl to Knit. Another lovely lace shawl.