Monday, 16 September 2019

Piecework Fall 2019: A Review

Piecework has released their Fall 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Brocade Vestment. This originally appeared in Interweave's Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits issue, which I reviewed here. I agree with my 2013 review of this item. This is a beautiful piece of work, but isn't all that well-styled. I'd either reshape this vestment so that it could be worn on its own, or make a special dress to wear with it.

Half-Day Off Mitts. These also appeared in the Downton Abbey issue, and I called them nice and wearable. The me of today agrees with 2013 me.

Lace-Leaf Pocket Cardigan. This design is from the second Downton Abbey issue, which was published in 2014. When I reviewed it, I said this cardigan had pretty detailing but looked too small on the wearer.

Magpie Gloves to Knit. These are attractive in a smart way. If I were making these, I'd be inclined to whip up a matching hat or scarf.

Swedish Nostalgia Shawl to Knit. I like the sampler feel of this one.

Valentina's Shawl to Knit. This one is delightfully quaint as well as a fine piece of lacework.

Weldon’s French Trellis Shawl to Knit. Another lovely lace shawl.


  1. I know this is not the intent, but I think the brocade vestment would look nice if it was shaped into a (fancy) summer halter top (for those like my young, thin daughter who could pull it off).
    The other pieces are also nice-and I am looking forward to the Downton Abbey movie coming out this Thursday in theaters!

  2. I agree with your comments about Lace Leaf Pocket Cardigan. I intend making it, but with fronts that close and sleeves that fit to the wrist. Not the designer's intent, but much more wearable for me, at least. And pockets!!