Monday, 26 August 2019

Knit Simple Fall 2019: A Review

Knit Simple has released their Fall 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we? There is a Ravelry page for this issue, but as of this writing it only has two pattern pages, which I've added to the post.

This one's quite attractive and wearable. That is a nicely shaped neckline, and though there is a slight dropped shoulder I think it's fine for this design.

This one combines a 1960s-ish style with a contemporary colourblock concept, and the effect is fun, though there are more interesting colour combinations for this style than the one used here.

A really lovely cap and cowl set.

This one looks less like a shawl than it does an upcycled curtain. I'd have added a little more shaping.

This scarf looks like a beginner project -- like something someone with a modicum of knitting skill could make without a pattern. Actual patterns should offer knitters something more than that.

Very much like this one. It's simple, yet so wearable, and that neckline detail gives the piece such a polished look.

Cute, though I'm not quite satisfied with the rendering of the hippos. The circles look a little random and odd.

Also cute. I do like the combination of the hippos, the stripes, and the grass effect.

Not a bad little jacket. This design makes me think of Elizabeth Zimmerman's iconic Tomten jacket.

Simple and usable little booties.

Nice little baby sacque. I think I'd go with more interesting buttons on this one, as it needs a little something.

A very decent striped baby blanket. This would be a good scrap yarn project.

I would go with fun colours for these textured hats.

The design isn't bad but I'm finding the red and brown "brick wall" colourway used here a little too literal and not that pleasing.

Nice texture. I do like a faux fur bobble on a handknit hat.

A pleasing, simply textured hat.

A very decent hat and cowl set.

These are very smart.

Pattern #20, Wide Plaid Pillows. Very eye catching!

A nice tartan effect.

Really like this gingham-look afghan.

Pattern #23, Fingerless Mitts. Basic but serviceable enough.

I like the design of this set well enough, but the colours are making my retinas ache.

Simple crocheted stole.

This is an inoffensive little wrap, but that's one weirdly haphazard way to style it.

I think this one might make me feel as though I had two overextended dishcloths wound around my neck.

A rather cute set. The gray, hot pink, and orange colourway at least works better in this design than it did in the set four designs above.


  1. Knit Simple really says it all!

  2. I agree with your 'brick wall' assessment. It would be much more appealing in different colors. I wouldn't say anything is spectacular in this issue...

  3. I do love the baby sacque shaping! And the little grey jacket is very appealing.