Thursday, 7 November 2019

Knitscene Winter 2019: A Review

Knitscene has released their Winter 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Grape Compote Sweater. This one is both practical and attractive, the kind of sweater that's both comfortable enough for both around home and smart enough for going out. Cowls are more universally flattering than turtlenecks, and look, pockets!

Pomegrante Cardigan. The back of this one looks fantastic, but the front has a dumpy, frumpy look. I'd be inclined to fix those drop shoulders, add some waist shaping, and neaten up the fit.

Croissant Sweater. This is a very decent casual look.

Brunch Shawl. Love the edging on this shawl, which turns a simple garter stitch wrap into something much more distinctive.

Earl Gray Hat & Cowl. Classic and wearable cap and cowl set.

Iced Chai Hat. A nice fair isle cap.

Scone Shawl. This is a pleasant little wrap.

Bedhead Beanie. Very cute cap.

Morning Coffee Cowl. Basic cabled cowl.

Rosslyn Cardigan. Nice texture, but this has such a baggy, frumpy look.

Porta Pullover. Love the lace and the overall shaping of this one, but I would neaten up the fit. This is an item that look best oversized, but I'd aim for one size too large, not three or four.

Victoria Station Pullover. Lovely. This is such a refined, classic look.

Downtown Cabled Hat. Classic cabled pom pom hat.

Brisbane Beanie. Some beautiful on texture on this one.

Wellington Pullover. A pretty decent little topper.

Plateau Pullover. Classic pullover. I'd go with a more interesting colour on this one, as it needs a little oomph.

Mitte Tea. Not bad, but this would be one I would wear on its own rather than over a long-sleeved top of some kind.

Loop Hooded Cardigan. This short-sleeved hoodie looks like a versatile and useful little piece. It works surprisingly well over the model's office-appropriate dress.

Central Wrap. Fabulous texture in this one, which makes for such a smart, polished wrap.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Knitty Deep Fall 2019: A Review

Knitty has released its Deep Fall 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Fuck Cancer Hat. Here we have the cover look. This design employs a slipped stitch technique that creates the appearance of a bold script, and it works so well I must keep it in mind for future projects. I like both the overall concept and the execution of this hat design, and as someone who has lost several loved ones to cancer and whose parents have both had cancer in the past five years (they're both alive and well, I'm happy to say), I also applaud the sentiment.

Apple Valley. Here's a classic circular yoke pullover with a geometric pattern that is one of those Rorschach test-type looks. Does anyone else see upside-down turnip plants?

Calash. This is an attractive, even stylish, hooded scarf, which is no mean design feat, as I've seen a lot of dowdy-looking items of the kind in my time.

Assemblance. There's nothing really wrong with this one -- the shape is good, the design is workmanlike -- but it does give me an uncomfortable feeling that I'm seeing this model's inner works. Also, those sleeves are much too long.

Nuthatch Hat. Not a bad little cap.

Nuthatch Cardigan. Here we have a cardigan to go with the hat above. Some very nice stitchwork on this one, with a smart contrast trim. And though I have made some of the little girls in my life matching sweater and cap sets, I have never made such a set for myself, and am suddenly wondering why.

Knoop. This is quite literally a scrap-yarn project, as the designer made these cowls out of a box of odds and ends of yarn that was getting too full, using the Magic Knot Ball method. Put some care into planning your colourway, and you'll have an attractive cowl like no other.

Switchcraft. These would make me feel like I was wearing potholders on my hands.

Always Be Brave. This is strikingly and attractive, and would be a great way to showcase that variegated yarn you've been eyeing at your favourite yarn store.

Ascuteney. I like this one. The shaping is good, and the abstract colour swaths have a nice balance and flow and makes me think of mountain ranges with a path leading temptingly towards them.

Saturday Night. This cowl's reversible, and would be a fun project to pick out yarns for.

Nudiabranchia. This piece, which is modeled on the nudibranch or sea slug, is a certain technical accomplishment, but I don't think I care for the idea that a sea slug having me by the throat, and likely also telling me that it has ways of making me talk.

Feuille-morte. What a lovely shawl design. Both shaping and stitchwork are excellent.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Interweave Knits Gifts 2019: A Review

Interweave has released their Interweave Knits Gifts 2019 issue, and it's an excellent stash-busting issue, with lots of useful little designs that can be made out of odds and ends of yarn. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Lamplighter's Hat. Pretty decent-looking two-tone hat with some interesting texture on the band.

Blizzard Beanie. Nice simple cap.

Winter Winds Hat. A slouchy cap with some nice stitchwork that's also worked with a double strand of the yarn, which means it's extra warm.

Frost Blush Beanie. I'm not so thrilled with the tea cozy shape and unfinished-looking edge of this one.

Glacier Ice Hat. The asymmetrical band is a fun touch on this hat design.

Ice Floe Beanie. This one has an attractive lace pattern. It's also the perfect hat to wear if you wish to tell someone, "I am just going out and may be some time," as you are heading out the door.

Snowburst Beanie. This one has a peacock feather-like design, and doing it in peacock colours would likely give it a completely different look -- if, like me, you like all things peacock.

Avalanche Hat. A classic cabled slouch cap.

Permafrost Hat. This hat has a more subtle twisted stitch and faux cable texture, which is nice for when you want the effect of cable without the bulk.

Wassailing Stole. A lovely, classic wrap.

Sweet Cedar Shawl. This is lovely, but I'd be inclined to leave such a large, square piece on the couch rather than wear it.

Climbing Crytals Wrap. Very pretty!

Balsam & Lavender Sachets. These are ever so pretty that they are almost making me regret that I already sewed myself a set of lavender sachets.

Comfy Cozies. I don't have a cell phone or a tablet, but I think if I were to make, say, a knitted cozy for my digital camera, I'd want to make it one a little basic than this.

Chamomile Tea Towels. These are pretty to look at, but I'm wondering about their functionality. Has anyone ever tried drying dishes or their hands on a knitted tea towel? I'm curious as to how well that would work.

Dancing Diamonds Gift Bags. These are adorable, but that does seem like an awful lot of work to put into a gift bag.

Snowdrop Shawl. Another lovely shawl.

Arctic Willow Wrap. Another attractive stole.

Yuletide Shawl. With its stripes and tassels, this one has a very 1910s look to me, sporty-looking outerwear being very much a thing at that time.

Twining Ivy Shawl. Beautiful!