Monday, 21 January 2019

Creative Knitting Spring 2019: A Review

Creative Knitting has released their Spring 2019 issue. Let's have a look all the delicate spring knits within, bearing in mind that as I wrote this review on a bitterly cold January afternoon in Toronto, I was forced to take to bed with a cup of hot tea on the night table beside me, and to type with slightly numb hands while keeping an ear out for a knock on the door, because my furnace wasn't working properly and I was waiting for a furnace company service person to show up. In other words, it was a little hard for me to get into a proper mindset for viewing light and lacy warm weather designs, but I did my best as a knitting reviewer should.

Bridler Pullover. Pretty and wearable little top.

Ingleside Tunic. This one isn't unattractive, but the sheerness of it and the long, narrow fit might make it less wearable and less likely to be flattering on many women.

Lipson Shawl. Some very nice stitchwork in this one.

Teresa Tee. Can't say I care for the bagginess of this one.

Headley Poncho. Gorgeous lacework, and it drapes well.

Laclede Scarf. I'm pretty sure the felted floral fringe on this one would give me a "cursed by a disgruntled witch" feeling and have me in a state of chronic fear that I was two minutes away from becoming a giant vegetable marrow, helplessly rooted to the ground by the fauna grown out of my former clothing.

Oakmont Shawl. Beautiful. It's hard to go wrong with a classic lace shawl.

Tacony Tunic. I actually love this look except for the crocheted flower on it, which has a chintzy look. Omit that and one would have a beautifully stitched asymmetrical tunic with considerable style.

Briarfield Vest. I just can't get on board with designs that involve a lot of bulky extra fabric. It's such an unflattering look. This one isn't even working on a professional model.

Bristol Cardigan & Blanket. I'm not sure this kimono needs to be as long as it is, but otherwise it's fine.

Copeland Cardigan. Not my favourite type of cardigan, but I must admit this does sit and hang well.

McKinley Cardigan. Not bad, but I would fix the dropped shoulders.

Baycrest Cardigan. Cute little cardi. The play of colour is so summery.

Laviere Shrug. This one has a "pieced together out of swatches" look.

Peacefield Pullover. I would like this one so much better if it were solid stockinette stitch rather than partly mesh. Mesh stitch always looks irretrievably "grocery bag"-like to me. Also, you can get weird-looking suntans/sunburns when you're wearing it. Ask me how I know this.

Rosselle Shawl. Another very attractive little shawl.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Knitscene Spring 2019: A Review

Knitscene has released their Spring 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Sandstorm Pullover. Not bad. The lacework bodice is attractive. I would even leave the dropped shoulders in since the seamline works with the design, but I would neaten up the fit.

Tailwind Shawl. Quite an attractive wrap.

Sea Breeze Top. This one's almost a hybrid shawl/top. I like it -- I think it's a way to achieve a shawl-like effect without having to fuss with a shawl.

Jet Stream Cardigan. I usually find these drape front cardigans problematic because they don't tend to sit that well, but I must admit this one appears to advantage in all the sample shots on its Ravelry page. The texture's undeniably good.

Crosswind Shawl. Another pretty stole.

Headwind Shawl. I'm pretty sure this one would give me a "caught in a fish net" feeling. I'm no fan of mesh.

Whirlwind Top. Cute little tunic.

Sirocco Pullover. Very decent, wearable piece.

Turbulence Shawl. Pretty!

Bi-Wing Cardigan. Not bad. The pocket detailing is interesting.

Jetway Cardigan. Nice texture and shaping.

First Class Hoodie. This design was aptly named as it does indeed have more style and polish than the average hoodie.

Runway Top. This is a top that could work with the right styling -- it has a seventies vibe that could potentially be rather stylishly retro -- but this styling is murder. This poor model looks like she's dressed for an afternoon of no-holds barred bingo with her friends Myrtle, Agnes, Beatrice, and Gert.

Utralight Convertible Wrap. Versatile little shawl.

Compass North Pullover. I rather like the effect of the lines of large gauge stitches on this one, but would raise the dropped shoulders.

Static Wick Thermal. Someone designed a sweater with the textural effect of thermal underwear, and I find I am actually very much here for that.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Knit Simple Winter 2018: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at Knit Simple's Winter 2018 issue.

Pattern #1, Quilted Block Cowl. What an attractive combination of colour and texture. Of course you'll need this particular self-striping yarn to recreate the look.

Pattern #2, Headband. Basic.

Pattern #3, Slouchy Hat. Not bad. Could be slouchier.

Pattern #4, Pillow. In case you need any more knitting motivation.

Pattern #5, Mittens. I don't think I'd fold up the cuff on these mittens, as they look a little too short in proportion to the rest of the mitten that way.

Pattern #6, Striped Scarf. I like it, but I think it needs fringes or some other finishing touch at the ends.

Pattern #7, Crescent Shawl. Nice shawl, though that dull colour doesn't do it any favours.

Pattern #8, Slipper Socks. These are warm and comfortable-looking, and the shaping is good.

Pattern #9, Teapot Cozy. That's a pretty yarn, but I'd like to see it used to make something with a little more style.

Pattern #10, V-Neck Poncho. I normally don't like cropped length pieces, but the length does work here, as this piece would be frumpy at a hip length. As is, it's a rather nice little topper with a shawl collar that sits impressively well.

Pattern #11, Fingerless Mitts. Very decent little mitts.

Pattern #12, Twisted Rib Hat. Some very attractive stitchwork in this one.

Pattern #13, A-Line Dress. A cute child's dress.

Pattern #14, Blanket. That's an unusually smart-looking baby blanket.

Pattern #15, Hooded Jacket. I kind of wish this jacket had a little more finish to it, but it would be a useful piece and a good stash busting project.

Pattern #16, Sweater Set. Cute!

Pattern #17, Lapghan. Looking at this I keep thinking how the edges of that little lap afghan is going to let cold air in every time its user shifts position, which probably means I'm more the afghan type than the "lapghan" type.

Pattern #18, Cowl. This one's a bit rough for my taste but it's serviceable enough.

Pattern #19, Long Scarf. Decent basic scarf.

Pattern #20, Pom Pom Hats. Not a bad-looking easy hat. I do like the furry pom poms that have come on the market in recent years. They add a lot to a simple knitted cap.

Pattern #21, Roll-Neck Pullover. So frumpy and unflattering. Even the poor model's all, "Look, I'm doing my best here, but I'm a model, not a fairy godmother."

Pattern #22, Turtleneck Pullover. A decent piece. That's a rather inventive stripe effect.

Pattern #23, Floral Granny Square Afghan. This looks like something I'd see in a thrift store... and walk quickly past.

Pattern #24, Granny Square Bag. I'm pretty sure that if I made this bag, it would turn on me, changing my name to Betty, sewing pinch pleats in my trousers, and dyeing my hair blue in my sleep.

Pattern #25, Pom Pom Hat and Mittens. Cute set.

Pattern #26, Scarf. I rather like the concept of a patterned end on a solid colour scarf.

Pattern #27, Cowl. Nice cowl. Though I can't figure out whether that motif is supposed to be people or trees, and it's beginning to bug me.

Pattern #28, Blanket. People or trees? OR ARE THEY TREE PEOPLE?