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Friday, 31 October 2014

Mother and Urnie Knitting Things

This video from It's Alive, a late night horror show webcast based in Pittsburgh, PA, Mother has some unwelcome news for Urnie. She's late. Fifty-six years late, to be precise.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Tales from the Midknit Hour

Rosamund loved Halloween, but found it a let down when all the little trick or treaters who came to her house tended to run away screaming when she opened the door. So she decided to throw a "Midknit Hour" Halloween party for her knitting club.

Rosamund's best friend Caitlin came early to the party to lend a hand with the preparations, but wasn't much help as she got distracted by Rosamund's stash.

Rosamund's friend Mira had also offered to help but instead spent the entire party stretching, rolling over on her back, and rubbing up against people's legs. Rosamund, who was a bunny person herself, reflected that cat people were too much like cats to be much help at throwing parties.

Jena, a member of Rosamund's knitting group, appeared at the party in post-apocalyptic crochet and with dirt on her face and spent the entire time talking to everyone about the coming global warming holocaust.

No one could figure out who the guy in the clown mask was, but no one at the party quite had the nerve to ask him.

Rosamund was grateful for knitting club member Irwin's presence, as he and his macarenas really got her party started.

Knitting club member Lucian insisted his seventies "man around town" knitwear look was supposed to be ironic, but the irony wore thin after he got really drunk and asked each woman present if she'd like to come back to his place and help him unwind.

Everyone agreed that Enid had the best costume of anyone present.

Unfortunately Enid had brought Cyrus the Bumbledog with her, and he showed his disapproval of both his costume and everyone present by peeing on everything. Rosamund decided next year she'd stick to scaring off trick or treaters and eating all the candy herself.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

What to Wear When You're Doing the Monster Mash

I've done several Halloween posts over the last two weeks (which you can view here), and for actual day of Halloween post I've done a post of accessories that will help you have the perfect Halloween — if not this year, then next year.

These will probably be the only spiders you'll ever want creeping up your legs. This is the Itsy Bitsy Spider And A Big One design, by Lotta Groeger. This pattern is available for €3.00(EUR).

Some haunting gloves. These are the Hattifattener Mittens, by Soile Peltokangas. This pattern is a free download.

These gloves will cast a spell on you, or even better, on someone else. These are the Bewitching Halloween Gloves, by Nanette Blanchard. This pattern is available for $5.99(USD).

Love the clever concept employed here, of snowflakes turning into skulls, or vice versa. These are the Snowball's Chance in Hell gauntlets, by Renée Rigdon and Zabet Stewart. This pattern is available for free.

These are the Batsy Mittens, by Ziina. This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.

The dance of the shades that you can wear with shades. The Round Dance design, by Thomas Pototschnig. This pattern is available for free.

The Cat Mittens design, by Jorid Linvik. This pattern is available for $6.50(USD).

The Wa na na na na na na na Bat Shawl design, by Emilee Mooney. This pattern is available for free.

I love how this design has used the skin tone showing through the openings to become the ghosts' mouths. This the Boo! Toe-Up Socks design, by Emily B. Miller. This pattern is available for free.

This pattern is for the more daring Halloween trick or treater. The Spiderweb Brassiere, by Brittany Wilson. This pattern is available for free.

A scarf that contains both spider and web. The October is for Spinners scarf, by Sharon Emery. This pattern is available for free.

For your cranium, the Cranio design, by Chloe Sparkle. This pattern is available for $4.50(USD).

The Frankensocks design, by Star Athena. This is Knitty pattern, and so is available for free.

The Witch Cats Hat, by Christine de Savoie. This pattern is available for free.

These socks were inspired by the folk art skeleton theme known as a calaca that is associated with the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. The Las Calacas Danzantes Socks design is by Erssie Major and is available for free.

Maybe in this hat you can convince the zombies you're one of them. It's not like they're too swift, after all. The Awesome Zombie Hat design, by Jane Gracier. This pattern is available for free.

This is illusion knitting and the skulls seen here will disappear and reappear depending on which angle from which you view the scarf. This is the Mark's Skull Illusion Scarf design, by Cathy Munoz. This pattern is available for free.

The Toxic Socks design, by Camille Chang, is available for download for $1.99(USD).

The Scarrrrrf design, by Sharon Mooney, is available for $5.50(USD).

For Poe fans, the Nevermore socks, by yellowcosmo. This pattern is available for free.

What's Halloween without the sighte of a bare and looming tree against the night sky? The Bile Tree Double Knitting reversible bag, by Alexandra Wiedmayer. This pattern is available for $5.50(USD).

The Shelob's Lair design, by KYMaggie. This pattern is available for $2.50(USD).

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Some Frightfully Good Halloween Costumes

The photo above is of the Witchy Hands design, by Lion Brand Yarn. It's a free pattern.

If you want a witch's hat to go with your witchy hands, I suggest this knitted witch hat design, by Cathy Scott. This pattern is available for $4.30(USD).

If you feel evil witches who dress all in unrelieved black are old hat, you might like this Which Witch design, by Tonks. This pattern is available for $3(USD).

If witches aren't your thing, this Jackyll & Hide sack masque, by Saskia de Feijter, might work for you. This is a Knitty pattern, and so is available for free.

If you're feeling devilish, you might like to make the Bokaclava design by Anne-Marie Dunbar. It's a free pattern and is sized for both children and adults.

If you're a Cthulhu/Lovecraft enthusiast, perhaps you'll enjoy knitting the Cthulhuclava, by Anne-Marie Dunbar. This pattern is available for £3.00(GBP).

Feeling cerebral? How about this Brain Hat, by Alana Noritake. This pattern is available for $5(USD).

I hope none of my male readers turned to stone when they saw this Medusa wig. I have too few of you to lose! Unfortunately this particular pattern is not available, but the Medusa wig design by Grace Breyley, which is available for $2(USD), is similar and could be adapted by an experienced knitter.

What's that in the sky? It's a onesie! It's a sleeper! No, it's a Superbaby costume, by Jennifer Lori. This pattern is available for download for $4.99(USD).

Here's a costume for your little lamb, the Lammekostyme design, by Margot Stevens. This pattern is available for free.

If you think your baby is particularly merry, daring, and fair-minded, there's always The Legend of Baby Link design, by Joanna Rankin. This pattern is available for free.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Home Decor Can Be a Real Scream

Here's another selection of Halloween patterns (you can see my previous Halloween posts here). This collection of patterns are home decor items designed to make your Halloween entertainments a real scream. The design above, of an all-too-realistic knitted desiccated head, is the My Ex Is Full Of Knit, by ADHD Knitting. It's a free pattern. And as the designer is careful to explain on the Ravelry pattern page, yes that is a real cat's tooth piercing the nose of the head, and yes the tooth was one that had been removed from the designer's pet cat by a vet for medical cause. And how do you procure a tooth for this pattern if you don't happen to have one on hand? Can't help you there, I'm afraid.

Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly, and get comfy on this spiderweb cushion! This is the Parlor Round design, by Jessi Vowels. It's a free pattern.

Having convinced the fly to ensnare itself, the spider sat comfortably back to digest its meal. The Arachnid Throw Pillow, by Jessika Lane, is a free pattern.

Here's a design to help you keep an eye on things. This is the Cyclops Pot Plant, by Dawn Finney. This pattern is available for $4.00(USD).

This 18" Jack O'Lantern pattern, by Alan Dart, will guard your porch or foyer in true Halloween style. This pattern is available for $5(USD).

This is the Morticia's Washcloth design, by Mette Buchreitz, and I can indeed imagine Morticia getting Gomez to scrub her back with it. It's a free pattern.

This Witch Tea Cosy, by Rian Anderson, looks like the perfect way to serve up a herbal brew. When you're not making tea this witch could always be used to decorate a door. This pattern is available for $4.50(AUD).

The very sight of this Wicked Witch Tea Cozy, designed by Jasmyn Cunningham, made me laugh. It's the perfect tea cozy for all Friends of Dorothy! This pattern is available for $1.00(CAD).

Let your Halloween freak flag fly by hanging up this Skeleton Banner design, by Lily/Sugar'n Cream. It's a free pattern.

This is the Pretty Punk Blanket, by Jenny Dolan, and it's a free pattern.

This Halloween Queen design by Melanie Nordberg is a chart, not a full pattern, and so could be used for anything you wish, but I see it as most likely to be used to make an afghan, and so I've included it in this post. The chart is available for free.

This Midnight chart, like the one above, is also designed by Melanie Nordberg and is available for free.