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Friday, 1 May 2020

Cast On Spring 2020: A Review

Cast On has released its Spring 2020 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Blackwater Mosaic Pullover. I like the mosaic bottom of this sweater, but am not sure I care for the colour-blocked sleeves, which make the sweater look like it's a short-sleeved number worn over a white long-sleeved t-shirt. I'd be inclined to work the bottom half of the sleeves in mosaic too.

CCB Cardigan. This one's a bit of a retina-searer, with its eighties-style day-glo colours. But of course there's no need to make it in these particular colours if they don't do it for you. I can see this being cute in a single colour in a mohair blend -- as long as the cropped length and boxy shape works for the wearer. It does tend to be a hard silhouette to carry off.

CCB Pullover. This is going to prove a much more wearable version than the cropped cardigan take above. But I'd add some waist shaping, and go with another colourway.

Cable and Rib Sweater. This one has a classic, polished look to it.

Crocus in the Snow Headband. There is some pretty stitchwork in this, and I love the evocative name of the pattern, but I can't imagine anyone I know actually wearing it.

Crosswind Tee. Nice piece. The shaping is good, and I like the telling detail at the hem and on the sleeves.

Hats for Kara. These are pretty basic, but they're certainly serviceable enough.

Heartbeat Pullover. Classic cabled pullover.

Hearts Hat. Cute hat. There is something about the heart shape that makes for an appealing design.

Intertwined Hearts Pullover. Love the elegant cable detail on this one.

Kendall Dress. Um, this one needed quite a bit more work. It looks both odd and unfinished.

Mandala Cowl. This one has an eye-catchingly different look to it, with its range of fair isle design devices and atypical colourway.

MCM Pillow. Simple but effective design.

Metropolitan Modular. I rather like the design of this colourblocked sweater, but not its colourway, which has a "this is what I had in my stash" look to it.

Njord Pullover. Nice top! I like the combination of the diamond pattern body with the ribbed sleeves and hem.

Old Moons Top. This is one of those designs that would be satisfying to make because of all the techniques one gets to use to make it, but wouldn't be so rewarding to wear. It would require a layering piece underneath, its empire waist will be problematic in terms of what figures it works on and what pieces it works with, and I don't think that back opening is flattering or even particularly attractive.

Rain Chain Pillow. Nice cushion!

Ripple Henley Sweater. This one is fun -- like a contemporary take on the Charlie Brown-style sweater.

Slipped Stitch Tablet. This is... okay. I guess when it comes to protective cases, I prefer a case that's closer to "elegant and polished" than it is to "toilet paper cosy".

Sort of Charlie Brown Vest. I don't know if anyone will believe me, but I swear I wrote the Charlie Brown reference in the Ripple Henley Sweater review above before I set eyes on this design. I like this take on the Charlie Brown vest as well -- the reference isn't so obvious as to be costume-y. Though the wearer should definitely take care when flying kites or kicking footballs while wearing it.

Wild Range Socks. Handsome socks.

Zig Zag Chevron Vest. I quite like this one, which has a smart thirties-era knitwear vibe -- and that is one of my very favourite knitwear vibes.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Cast On Winter 2019-2020: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at designs in the Winter 2019-2020 issue of Cast On.

Buttoned Up Rib Pillow. This is a machine knitting pattern, though it could easily be made manually. While I like the tartan stripe and the beaded and ribboned lace flap in themselves, I'm finding the combination of all these elements a little too fussy, but of course one could always omit whatever detail(s) one thought was too much.

Cable Panel Skirt. Knitted skirts have a most unfortunate tendency to be dowdy, and I'm afraid this one might be one such. I'd want to see this design on an actual person before I ventured to make it.

Calypso's Crescent. This is pretty enough, though there are more interesting and sophisticated colour choices for it.

Caret Tunic. Not bad for a warm, comfortable, "live in while around home during winter" sweater, but I'm not sure I care for those very long side vents, and I suspect the presence of a mullet hem.

Color Joy Mittens. These would be good stash busters.

Davos. A classic and very attractive turtleneck. That collar sits well and the shaping is good.

Entrelac Neck Pillow. This looks the kind of awkward little misfit cushion all the other sofa throw cushions would make fun of and ostracize.

Faux Pleat Skirt. This skirt has really nice lines and hangs so well. It deserved more elegant buttons than these.

Keyholes Scarf. I rather like the design, but the colourway is more than a little retina-searing.

Lily Armenian Sweater. The combination of triangles/argyle-like patterns and lilies is such an odd mish-mash of motifs that the resulting sweater just looks a bit bizarre.

Lily of the Valley. Not bad. I think it would need to be worn over a top if made in wool, unless one knitted it in cotton for summer.

Muscle T-shirt. This designed to be a form-fitting top for men, but I can't quite imagine any of the men I know being willing to wear such a thing. Admittedly, there is a sad lack of fashion-forward and ripped men in my life.

Pleated Lace Cardigan. Very attractive piece. That back pleat detail is quite striking.

Quinn. This is a combination of brioche and entrelac technique, so if you like a technical challenge and the fun out of picking out an interesting colourway, this could be the project for you.

Reversible Knitweave Placemat Set. These look like they came from a trendy homewares store and will give your table that expensive artsy bohemian look.

S'mores Cowl. Lovely -- both the design and that soft, subtle colourway are pleasing.

Slip Stitch "Cable" Hat. Nice! I like the polished look of the slipped stitch band, which is a cut above the typical ribbing.

Square Buttoned Entrelac Pillow. I don't care for this -- it has such a crude, slapped-together look -- but I might as well admit I'm not a fan of entrelac in general, because it does have a strong tendency to look that way.

Super Bingo Top. This pullover is pretty blah and shapeless. To be fair, it would probably look a bit better on a model it actually fit, but it's hardly anything to write home about.

Tessera Cowl. Attractive and even somewhat eye-catching.

Triangular Shawl. This is quite an exquisite piece of work, and looks like something that belongs on one of the Brontë heroines. I don't think I could make it work with my wardrobe, but I'm sure there are women out there who love a little flavour of mid-Victoriana in their accessories. Pro-tip: if you should make this for yourself and meet up with a Rochester or a Heathcliff while wearing it, keep looking. You can do better.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Cast On Fall 2019: A Review

Let's have a look at Cast On's Fall 2019 issue today.

2x2 Rib Booties (left) and Smocked Booties (right). This designer came up with this design concept in order to keep her kitchen chair legs from leaving marks on the tile floor. I would not want to have to bother running chair booties through the wash as would be necessary at least occasionally, and I would hate to think what my cat might do to them, but maybe these aren't objections for you.

Arlene Tam. Very nice. There really is something about a fair isle tam.

Cabled Bonnet. This isn't half-bad. Caps designed to cover the ears tend to look frumpy, even silly, but this one has a quirky, medieval peasant look that actually works.

Cora. Gorgeous. This one is done in what is essentially the same colourway as the Arlene Tam, which gives the two a similar look, but I much prefer the Cora. It has a clarity of design that is stunning.

Diva Wristlets and Cowl. These have a steampunk-like look to them. I am pretty sure I would find these cuffs wildly impractical and aggravating to wear, as those dainty little ruffles are going to get dirty and snagged and into everything.

Garden Pullover. I don't like the flight of fancy the designer has tried to take with this one. The plain band of stockinette on the right side that the designer used as a basis for the line of bobbles just looks like a mistake to the casual glance. I'd be inclined to knit this sweater in the leafy lace pattern used throughout, as it is really attractive, and the shaping is good.

Gray-dient Sweater. This has a very cool, contemporary vibe. It reminds me of static on a TV screen.

Gremlin. Very attractive, classic look. The lace pattern is really lovely.

Heather and Lace. I would definitely fix the dropped shoulders on this one, which are giving it a frumpy line. I'd probably also forego making the knitted belt shown here in favour of a really smart purchased one, which would add much more to the look, especially if it were chosen to coordinate with some of the wearer's other accessories. The detail around the neck is nice.

High Street Pullover. This one is quite the accomplishment. The designer writes that she "has been fascinated with architectural lines lately and wanted to create a sweater that incorporated horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines that meet, alter course, and lure the eye into a mesmerizing pattern", and I must say she succeeded admirably. This sweater is amazingly eye-catching, rhythmic, and interesting for what is, after all, a simple cowl neck pullover.

Kisses & Hugs Vest. A handsome, classic vest.

Miaow. Fun and cute. I know a couple of cat-obsessed little girls who would be thrilled to get something like this.

Plated Ski Hat. This is a machine knitting project. It's... okay. I'm not really a fan of the square top shape for caps. I do rather like the contrast band.

Sea Views Triangular Shawl. This one has a rather awkward, "not quite working" look. I think perhaps it would work better with a better blended colourway. That aqua sticks out like a sore thumb.

Skimpy Chevrons Thigh-High Socks. One of these days I really must make me a pair of thigh-high stockings, as I have such a fetish for them. This design would certainly do as well as most of those that I've seen.

Slip Stitch "Cable" Mitts. These are lovely in terms of stitchwork, and that yarn has a luscious look to it, but I can't help feeling that the openness around the fingers would be a drawback, by letting in the cold as well as more concrete matter, such as say, crumbs. I'd be inclined to work in gussets between the fingers.

Smocked Pullover. This is attractive. It has a certain "old school headmistress's blouse" to it, but in a good way. Doing it in another colour than white or cream would go a long way towards downplaying the Victorian shirtwaist feel of this design, if you should wish to.

Smocking Hot. This hat has interesting, even rather unique, stitchwork.

When the Snakes. I'm meh on this one. It's not terrible, just flawed. It has dropped shoulders that cannot be fixed due to the placement of the diagonal bands on front and back, but at the same time... I don't think the diagonal bands really add anything to the design.