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Monday, 18 March 2019

Knitty Spring & Summer 2019: A Review

Knitty has released their Spring & Summer 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Opportune. Nice little cover-up, and it was a good choice to do it in a fun colour. Though as you may have suspected, I am partial to orange.

Kikyo. Very pretty lacework in this piece, which the designer writes that she designed to "bring the best of both worlds together. Knitters and crocheters: it’s time to get along." (And good luck to her with that.) The wearer will need to think about what's to be worn underneath.

Slouchy Time. Oh dear. The designer of this piece created it in homage to Flashdance. And I'm all for homages to Flashdance, but that ripped sweatshirt of Jennifer Beals' is almost the last thing about it that I would choose to emulate.

Jurret. Very much like this one. The shaping is good, and I like that all the ridges flow towards the neckline, drawing attention to the face.

Vanora. Nice little summer top. The lacework is so attractive.

Cailleach Beara. Another pretty little summer top.

Lis. This one's just a simple striped top, and yet it's so well shaped and finished that it has a lot of polish, and style enough to carry a simple outfit.

Pompompop. The pompoms are little much for my tastes, but then anyone who makes this design could leave them off (as the shawl would work aesthetically without it) or include them as they pleased.

Go With the Phloem. This is a decent, everyday kind of wrap. It seems to drape very well.

Ambition and Cunning. This has a "randomly cobbled together" look. When I look at it I'm left with the impression that either I'm looking through openings in the shawl to the model's sweater on the other side, or at swatches randomly appliquéd to a piece of gray jersey. I love the border ruffle and the stitchwork in the panels, but don't care for the design as a whole. It doesn't make sense visually, either in display or when on the model.

Plain Sight Socks. Nice socks! I especially like the way the lines running up the top of the foot from the toe flow into the stitchwork on the ankle.

Gothix. This is one of those designs that work especially beautifully as a showcase for a gradient yarn.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Knitty Winter 2018: A Review

Knitty has released its Winter 2018 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Isosceles. This one's quite sharp, with both graphic chartwork and textural interest. I like the use of an accent colour at the cuffs and hem too, but I think I'd omit the accent colour edging at the neckline.

Yoru. Love the detail on this one. The designer comments in the pattern how she admires the Japanese aesthetic of refined simplicity, and I think she's achieved that sort of delicate balance in this design.

Kiernan. This one has dropped shoulders, a mullet hem, and is a cropped length, which regular readers of this blog will know are not among my favourite things. I have to admit this woman, who is the designer, is kind of rocking the look, but I'd fix all those things and make a plain ol' turtleneck with ribbed sleeves in what looks like a lusciously warm and cozy yarn.

Paper Crane. The combination of an asymmetrical shape and a gradient yarn make for an offbeat, contemporary vibe that's not quite to my taste but is a rather fun and interesting look nonetheless.

Grayson. A polished and attractive wrap.

Opposites Attract. The combination of the bobbles and the swirls of colour make for a look a twenty-first century court jester might wear.

Glass Island. A fun, smart cowl to wear with a solid colour coat.

Black Lodge. Oooh, is this one ever striking. The combination of two gradient yarns and a chevron design really packs a punch.

Kilim. I like the woven rug-like effect of this design, especially in the cranberry and green colourway.

When You Are Gone. Love the "sail" motifs on the hat, and the line of colour at the edge, but not the yellow detail at the crown, which has something of the effect of a spider sitting at the back of the hat.

Programmer's Headgear. Even as someone who doesn't know how to code (but has done her share of tagging), I find this fun.

Braineater. For the cephalopod lover in your life who doesn't mind looking like a screencap from one of the more gruesome X-Files episodes! More seriously, this is a fun concept, and it's well-executed.

Spinal Twist. Not bad. The play of texture and colour make this cowl satisfying to look at.

Tufts. This one's a bit rough and ready for my liking.

Fingers Crossed. This is a handsome pair of mitts.

Go Big or Go Gnome. Very cute and a lot of fun, though I can't help wishing those gnomes had a little more detail. I'm not entirely sure I would have figured out that they were gnome motifs without being told.

Intermingle. Very handsome pair of cabled socks. I've dated a number of men to whom I've felt less attracted.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Knitty Deep Fall 2018: A Review

Knitty has released their Deep Fall 2018 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Astronomer's Beret. Neat concept, I love the band, and by the time you're done this one you'll know your constellations.

Alfarería. Great shaping, and that mosaic stitchwork is gorgeous.

Bundle of Joy. Very attractive wrap. The interplay of the two bands of texture and colour is pleasing.

Martesana. Nice cowl. I like the ruffly effect.

Mountain. Very decent little cap with some fun stitchwork.

European Dreams. I'm not so taken with this wrap. It has such a rough look and doesn't drape well.

Parts Unknown. A classic cabled cowl.

Yamadori. The stitchwork on the leg of these socks is FANTASTIC. I don't think I've ever seen a stitch make better use of a variegated yarn.

Ausable. An good-looking classic cardigan.

Lady. The deep, square neckline and flared sleeves of this pullover have a certain flair, but I know I'd hate to have to always wear a top under this pullover (admittedly that problem could be solved by raising the neckline), and that those floppy sleeves would drive me crazy.

Home State. This design needed some more work. I'd add a shawl collar or some sort of neckline detail to balance out that focus-pulling bottom band, and the way those pockets sag down at the top detracts terribly from the look. Some sort of edge finishing on them would probably help a lot.

Lutning. I really like the cute, mod look of this skirt. I think I'd go with buttons or some other sort of commercially made fastening rather than those messy-looking toggles, though.

Bruce, The Great White Shark. Very well-made toy shark.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Knitty First Fall 2018: A Review

Knitty has released their First Fall 2018 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Study Hall Shawl. This one has a sharp, contemporary appeal.

Autumn Sunset. The clocks and the fair isle scrolls make for an unusual mix of motifs, but the combination works because the designer has used the same self-striping yarn throughout.

Fenton's Arrow. The combination of this piece's striking pattern and the fantastic yarn is killer. One couldn't not notice this cowl.

Watch It! This designer has figured out a way to both keep her hands warm and keep her Smart Watch visible. These gloves have a flap that can be snapped closed over the watch or opened, as desired. I admire the ingenuity and practicality of the flap feature, and these gloves are also quite attractive with good shaping and Celtic knot detailing. I also like the long cuffs on them, as short gloves tend leave an inch or two of bare wrist exposed.

Wicked Thicket. An attractive and very warm-looking brioche hat.

Mightiest Oak. The heart on this hat is meant to symbolize the designer's nephew's heart condition, but as meaningful as it is it looks a bit silly and I'd leave it off. Otherwise the hat's a good-looking item.

A Fool for All Seasons. This is rather cute and well-worked out. Dressing as a court jester wouldn't be my thing, but if it's yours, you do you!

Shoe or Sock? That Is The Question. The first of these are similar to the very basic style of house slipper that was ubiquitous when I was growing up. The second is a little more interesting, but still look slightly unfinished.

Habiliments. A very nice-looking pair of beaded socks. I do like a sock that keeps its detail for above the ankle. I am most emphatically not a goofy socks person.

Carnivore. A very attractive and wearable vest.

Gibson. I'm not a fan of the rolled edge look as a rule, but this cardigan works. The shape is good, it sits so well, and the lace sleeves look great. I'd go so far as to say it has a certain relaxed elegance.

Prairie Park. I like the overall concept here, but this one could do with some tweaking. The bands of linen stitch around the waist and sleeves work really well, but that rectangle in the centre looks random and awkward. I'd be inclined to work with it some more -- to turn it into more of a pattern and flow it around the neckline as well. And I think the model could have done with a little more ease in the fit.

Millville. This is one of those wretchedly askew, unflattering pieces that give me the vapours. Dropped shoulders, mullet hem, boxy oversized shape... this piece truly has it all. But not in a good way.