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Monday, 17 August 2015

Knit.Purl Fall/Winter 2015: A Review

Knit.Purl has released its Fall/Winter 2015 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Kringla Hat. Pretty basic. You could find many similar hat patterns on Ravelry.

Beaded Ski Cardigan. Another pattern that would have many a counterpart on Ravelry. The designer has tried to spice up a lovely but very traditional pattern by adding some random beads to the yoke, but I can't say they're really adding anything or that they even look as though they belong. Not every piece of clothing should get blinged up.

One Month Sweater. This pattern is a little more original. It is knitted with two strands of yarn: one of white cotton and one of charcoal wool. The result does look cushy and stretchy.

Tweed Scarf Jacket. This looks like some sort of post-modern take on the swallowtail coat, designed to be worn in an alt theatre production of Thackeray's Vanity Fair that involves a lot of cross dressing. And it might play well on Becky Sharp in that context (she is, after all, a character who loves getting away with things), but in real life it's going to look silly.

Soundcheck Scarf. Run of the mill large gauge cowl.

Big Twill Vest. This is a bit on the bulky side and could do with a bit of waist shaping, but I kind of like both it on the whole, and the concept of wearing a bulky knit vest over a finer knit sweater.

Garter Rectangular Jacket. I'm a hard sell on this sort of unstructured, drapey style of knitwear, which tends to look shapeless and dowdy, but the colourway on the front and sleeves is so fantastic it's almost selling me on this one.

Houndstooth Cardigan. Quite like this one, which has a nice "retro men's wear translated into women's wear" look to it.

Skinny Pop Pullover. Simple but effective.

Okemo Pullover. I like this mosaic knitted design too, though I would add a waistband of the charcoal to it as the bottom of the bodice looks a little unfinished as is.

Shredded Cowl. Pretty little accessory. The lovely handpainted yarn used here is what makes it.

Santa Fe Tunic. The lacework front and back panels are really pretty, but the sleeves don't seem to jive with it and that cowl neck looks a bit like a deflated tire.

Painted Pullover. Gorgeous yarn, but the oversized and shapeless shape is seriously unflattering to even this carefully styled and posed professional model.

Terra Garter Raglan. Unflattering and unfinished looking.

Earthen Pullover. I'd like to take the cowl neck, which is the only part of this design that's really working, and put it on the Santa Fe Tunic above.

Desert Night Cowl. This piece looks like it began life as an intended slipper and was repurposed into a cowl after the gauge proved to be off by a country mile.

Sedona Sweater. This a very decent piece of design on the whole, but that back seam is rather unsightly.

Quick Wind Pullover. Rather a nice piece. I was going to claim it was unflattering, but I think if any part of this outfit is letting this model down, it's those trousers, which need to be killed with fire.

Palm Springs Pullover. Nicely detailed and shaped.

DotDotDot Cowl. Oh, I love this one. It's very cute and fun in an adult way. One needn't be under 25 to carry this one off.

Dark Rainbow Sweater. Love this one too. It's really eye catching and visually distinctive, plus it's something nearly any woman would find totally wearable.

Progressive Pullover. This is both original and very pretty. I do love a well-done gradient effect.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Knit.Purl Spring/Summer 2015: A Review

The Spring/Summer 2015 issue of knit.purl is out. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Ripple Edge Cardigan. This is pretty but it doesn't sit well. The edgings are rolling back on themselves and it really detracts.

Meandering Top. Rather a nice piece, though it could do with some waist shaping.

Swingback Hoodie. A very useful piece for summer with some great detailing.

Stepping-Stones Shawl. Love the edging on this shawl, but I am not loving that line of big holes down the centre. It's a deconstructive look that seems at odds with the rest of this elegant design.

Wavy Lace Cardigan. Can't say I find this one appealing. It doesn't sit well and looks ratty.

Featherfall Cardigan. Another nice cardigan with front edges that roll in on themselves.

San Lorenzo Wrap. This isn't normally the kind of thing I like, but this wrap is selling itself to me regardless. Because it is a wrap, I can give it a pass on the loose fit and construction and appreciate its several virtues: good texture, an interesting contemporary look, and it'll stay in place.

On the Edge Poncho. This looks like a horse blanket.

Striated Shawl. Very nice piece. Love the linear-style design.

Linen Rib Tank. Simple but effective.

Labyrinth Cardigan. This one's a little rough and ready for my liking, but it's pleasing on the whole. The collar doesn't sit all that well, but at least it's not rolling up or sagging. Do make sure you make this item in a size large enough for the wearer. A cardigan that is pulling apart in the front between its buttons, as this sample sweater is doing on the model, is a cardigan that is distractingly and unflatteringly too small.

Moth Wing Top. Dolman sleeves are normally too shapeless a look to appeal to me, but the designer of this piece has made this piece more flattering, and more wearably modest, by seaming the sides of the sweater.

Pointed Tunic. It fits, it flatters, and it's totally wearable. Very nice!

Medallion Blouse. Not a bad piece, but it could definitely use some waist shaping.

Hanky Tank. Elegantly spare design.

Eyelet and Welt Tee. Good lines and interesting detail on this one.

Lace Dolman Jacket. Pretty little cardigan that will prove very useful piece in summer, when it can be thrown on over a variety of outfits.

Open Back Bias Tank. This is one of those designs I mentally file under the label "Not for the Faint of Heart". If you have the confidence for this, it is a cute and casual layer piece for summer. I can see it working as swimsuit coverup at the beach.

Baler Cardigan. Nice classic piece with excellent lines and lacy sleeves to keep it from looking too staid.

Ladder Tank. This wouldn't normally be my type of thing, but it has good lines and visual interest. I can see it working as an interesting layer piece for summer.

Boatneck Dolman. Not liking this one. It looks both shrunken and too large, and it's unflattering even on this professional model.