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Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Interweave Knits Winter 2020: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at some knits for this brand new year in the Interweave Knits Winter 2020 issue.

North Country Ruana. This hangs well, has very nice texture, and that yarn looks especially luscious.

Polychrome Cardigan. The design isn't bad, but there are better colourways for it than this, and I'd make the cardigan a standard size for the wearer.

Pipette Hat. This is a cute cap, and it would fun to pick out a colour scheme for it.

Grapevine Wrap. A very attractive and wearable wrap.

Global Finger Mitts. This pattern was named as it was because it combines "a Nepalese hemmed cuff and thumbs, a Newfoundland separated index finger, and a Scandinavian stranded-flower pattern". I'm not sure I would like mitts with the Newfoundland separated index finger, as it seems it would make my hands look unsettlingly like cloven hooves, but I'm sure they're very practical when you're hauling your catch into your boat in sub-zero weather.

Mulberry Slouch. Love the texture and shape of this one.

Rossore Pullover. I rather like the design, but this muddled colourway is doing nothing for it.

Winding Path Cowl. An eye-catching mosaic piece.

Lace Pleat Cardigan. I'm not sure the lace insert on the back of this otherwise polished cardigan is working for me. I get the disturbing feeling I'm looking at either a wardrobe malfunction, or a portal into another dimension, where I will probably fall immediately afoul of the supreme leader of the domain, Lord Ziqtyzias.

Marbled Brioche Scarf. Very handsome!

Eastport Pullover. Colour blocking doesn't always work, but it does here. This is quite sharp, and I like the slightly offbeat colourway.

Daybreak Beanie. Cute little cap.

Ribboned Crop Top. This is a smart-looking piece. Crop tops can be a difficult shape to wear, but this is a design it wouldn't be hard to lengthen.

Brilliant Cables Hooded Sweater. Very much like this one, which has both polish and style.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Interweave Knits Fall 2019: A Review

Interweave Knits has released its Fall 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Firefall Toque. I like the modern twist on the cabled devices on this hat.

Frost Mitts. Nice looking mitts. Though I must admit I'm looking past them to that extremely photogenic firewood the model is carrying. I carried plenty of firewoood growing up as a farm kid, and our firewood never looked anything like... that. I'm flashing back to the splinters and scrapes I used to get from that extremely rough-hewn, non-uniform length wood as I write this.

Balefire Mittens. Classic mittens with some texture and a variegated yarn to liven things up.

Spiced Cider Beanie. Classic ribbed cap.

Reaper Cowl. A handsome cowl. I like the horizontal pattern in it.

Quiet Nights Cowl. I quite like the pretty brick-like look of this one.

Sweet Dreams Pullover. A decent design, though I might add a bit of waist shaping and stitch up those open hems. I do have a bit of a thing for a detailed cuff.

Värma Pullover. A spare yet finished look. A bit of waist-shaping would be helpful here as well.

Page Turner Blanket. Such a polished, contemporary throw.

Kväll Cardigan. I like the sporty, retro vibe of this one, but I would neaten up the fit.

Orchard Cardigan. I like the shoulder detail, but not that back, which hangs so poorly.

Autumn Rain Shawl. A nice lace wrap.

Granny Smith Pullover. Very attractive and wearable, and the fresh, crisp colour scheme is perfect for both the design, and its name.

Caramel Apple Pullover. Classic cabled pullover.

Winding Roads Shawl. There is some beautiful stitchwork in this wrap, but that sickly greenish yellow colour is doing nothing for it.

Wine Press Pullover. I love the grape cluster detail on the sleeves, but can't say the same about those unfinished cuffs, which will get into everything the wearer does, and the side details aren't adding anything. Another thing to be aware of when making this design is that's made from light fingering weight yarn and is consequently semi-sheer (the model's bra can quite plainly be seen in both front and back views) and that this is therefore a piece that will need to be worn with an underlayer.

Fredag Socks. Classic two-tone cabled socks.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Interweave Knits Summer 2019: A Review

Interweave Knits has released their Summer 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Assateague Pullover. Love this one. Just LOOK at that beautifully intricate yoke.

East Beach Tee. This is pretty decent. I like the stitchwork and the aqua contrast trim on the lilac. I'd make it a littler neater fitting.

Cumberland Pullover. This one has the look of a beautiful lace blouse.

Clearwater Coverup. Not so thrilled with the lie of this, and for a coverup it doesn't cover up all that much, although the stitchwork is nice.

South Ocean Pullover. Quite decent. I like the subtle horizontal stripes, which is a nice way to give a simple pullover some distinction.

Van Damme Tee. Nice texture.

Kalaloch Pullover. This one has a great yoke, but can you imagine how aggravating it would be to wear a pullover that pulls up at the side when you raise an arm like the model is doing? I'd rework the design to raise the armholes to where they belong.

Ocean City Pullover. It is so nice to see a mesh piece that doesn't look remotely like a shopping bag. This is a very attractive piece, and I love the lace motifs around the waist.

Laguna Pullover. Very nice, but I would neaten up the fit.

Cove Beach Pullover. This is one of the best colour-blocked pieces I've ever seen.

Malaquite Tee. Decent, but I'd make it to fit the wearer. Things look so much better on the wearer when they fit, and think of the savings in knitting time and yarn when you make things smaller!

Baja Hoodie. This is making me flash back to the nineties, when the Baja hoodie or "drug rug" was such a thing. And it seems they've come back. This Baja hoodie is much nicer than any of those worn back then. I'd consider making it, while I was never tempted to wear a drug rug back in the day, unless you count the time or two I wore a loaner drug rug from a boyfriend because we were out somewhere and I was cold.

Grand Junction Shawl. Very striking blend of colours and patterns.

Rocket Pop Socks. Cute socks. Though I am having a bit of difficulty getting past that I hate this particular kind of popsicle. I'll be an easy sell on ice cream sandwich socks should any designers out there be thinking of making those.

Sonora Cacti Socks. These look like cacti as they might look in some sort of 80s-era video game, such as one entitled "Go West, Young Pac-Man". This is not a bad thing.

Tubac Stole. This has a lot of contemporary-style appeal, and it drapes well.

Silver City Shawl. Very attractive wrap.

Desert Sunset Shawl. Love the colours in this so much that I am keeping them in mind for my future use.

Lobster Socks. These ones are more than a little busy visually for my liking, but they are fun in their way.

Avo Toast Socks. These are pleasing both visually and as a sly reference to the whole avocado toast thing.