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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Interweave Knits Spring 2019: A Review

Interweave Knits has released its Spring 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Hydrangea Cardigan. Excellent shaping and stitchwork.

Gardenia Stole. Such beautiful lacework.

Iris Cowl. Gorgeous lacework.

Cattleya Pullover. After the past three designs, arriving at this one feels like being dropped from a great height. The bagginess isn't helping the variegated yarn, and the variegated yarn isn't helping the bagginess.

Geranium Shawl. A lovely lace shawl.

Rose Bush Pullover. Very attractive, wearable piece.

Celosia Pullover. Such a delicately pretty look.

Begonia Pullover. Very much like this one, which the designer has somehow managed to give both a contemporary vibe and a classic feel.

Eucalyptus Pullover. An attractive, wearable piece.

Horehound Henley. This henley with its contrast colour ribbing is simple but not boring, which is a good balance to strike. One could also have some fun with planning the colour combination for this one.

Verbena Cardigan. Not bad. I'm not so sold on the extra-wide button and button hole bands, or the sit of the collar, but the texture is attractive.

Thyme Hat. Classic knit cap.

Rock Salt Gansey. With its attractive bodice and gracefully shaped neckline, this is a pleasing new take on the traditional gansey.

Fennel Cardigan. Classic cabled cardigan.

Buds Pullover. Classic turtleneck with some interesting texture.

Sunchokes Pullover. Very handsome piece. I like the combination of the classic cables with the contemporary-style drawstring fennelneck.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Interweave Knits Winter 2019: A Review

Interweave Knits has released their Winter 2019 issue -- and it's science-themed! Let's have a look at it.

Periodic Pullover. This design, which is based on the periodic table of elements, is okay but I'm not too taken with it. The table looks a bit on the rough and ready side.

Rhizome Pullover. Very pretty. The pattern "depicts subterranean stems and root structures", which makes for one graceful-looking scroll pattern.

O-Chem Tunic. Nice! The hexagonal cable pattern, which is "inspired by organic chemistry compounds", is very attractive, the shaping is good, and I do like a cowl neck.

Atomic Pullover. Another cabled pattern, this time based on atomic orbitals, that's attractive in the same vein as the previous one.

Asteroid B 612 Scarf. Nice stitchwork in this scarf, which was inspired by the scarf worn by the little boy in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince. I'm not so crazy about the deep ribbed hem on the end of the scarf, which makes this model look as though he has a sleeve wrapped around his neck.

Star Cradle Wrap. This, which was inspired by the Pillars of Creation photo captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, is quite a fabulous piece, though I'd be more inclined to leave it on the couch than to wear it.

Saturn's Rings Pullover. Extending the yoke pattern down to the midsection was a nice touch, giving this an original, contemporary look.

Chrysalis Pullover. This is different, and it is an interesting and carefully finished design, but I can't help thinking it has a slightly too lumpy, bulky look.

Crystal Pullover. Lovely. Great shaping and neckline, and the yoke detailing is eye-catching and attractive.

DNA Pullover. An attractive cabled sweater for double helix fans.

STEM Cardigan. Beautiful cables, and this looks beautifully soft and warm even if I'm not entirely sold on the way the front sits.

Celia Cardigan. This wouldn't ordinarily be my type of thing, but I'm find myself liking it. It has such a 1918 vibe, while being perfectly contemporary.

Sediment Pullover. The designer of this one was inspired by the "geological layers of sediment in rock formations" but while I admit that it does evoke that, it's also the perfect "nerdy yet cute" striped sweater.

Arge Humeralis Pullover. This is one of those rare designs in which a dropped shoulder and a foreshortened sleeve actually work. This has a funky yet attractive look to it.

Solidago Hat and Cowl Set. I'm not sure about the split shaping of the cowl, but I suppose it looks okay -- and would sit better under a coat than the usual style of cowl -- and I like the set on the whole.

Dionaea Muscipula Cardigan. Attractive and distinctive.

Laboratory Pullover. This is one of the nicest men's pullovers I've seen in a while. It's definitely a new take on the "stripe across the chest" design so ubiquitous in men's sweater design.

Unified Field Cowl. This cowl is okay. It will look better worn double around the neck rather than in the singlefold, "deflated inner tube" style, but then we couldn't see it as well.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Interweave Knits Fall 2018: A Review

In today's post, we're going to have a look at the Interweave Knits Fall 2018 issue, in which things have gotten very cable-y -- in a very good way.

Breakwater Beach Vest. I like the vest with its good shaping and cabled panels (though yes, I see what you did there, mullet hem), but I would definitely recommend wearing it over almost anything other than a striped jersey.

Cambridge Cardigan. I like the tartan and the "old-style collegial-wear" concept of this sweater, but I would neaten up the fit some. This is a style that would look best slightly oversized, but that means one size up from what the wearer would normally wear, not two or three.

Classic Gansey Cardigan. What the name of this piece says. I would wear this one myself.

Follins Pond Pullover. A clever use of cablework on this one.

Great Island Pullover. Nice piece on the whole, but I am not a fan of that overly large v-neck.

Herring Cove Wrap. Beautiful wrap.

Massachusetts Ave Pullover. An eye-catching use of cables, and a nice piece, except that I do glimpse a slight mullet hem.

Monomoy Dolman. Nice! I'd just add a few rows of ribbing to that neckband, as it looks a little skimpy as is.

Mt. Auburn Cardigan. Very handsome piece!

Oxford Street Pullover. Excellent rendering of a classic style.

Prescott Pullover. Attractive cables.

Quincy Pullover. This argyle-style cable pattern is so creative and looks fantastic.

Race Point Pullover. Nice!

Sandy Neck Pullover. Another great-looking cabled pullover.

Wendell Street Pullover. This one has such an inventively contemporary vibe.

Widener Pullover. I like the concept of an attached shawl collar and cuffs in a contrasting colour, but perhaps not so much the execution. Maybe I'd like it if the collar and cuffs were a little wider? I'd fix the dropped shoulders, and the transition between the moss stitch shoulders and the front cabled pattern looks a little on the rough side and should perhaps be replaced by some sort of patterned band.

Yarmouth Pullover. Oooh, nice! I love the way the designer has used the cables to complement the raglan sleeves.