Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Interweave Knits Winter 2020: A Review

Today we're going to have a look at some knits for this brand new year in the Interweave Knits Winter 2020 issue.

North Country Ruana. This hangs well, has very nice texture, and that yarn looks especially luscious.

Polychrome Cardigan. The design isn't bad, but there are better colourways for it than this, and I'd make the cardigan a standard size for the wearer.

Pipette Hat. This is a cute cap, and it would fun to pick out a colour scheme for it.

Grapevine Wrap. A very attractive and wearable wrap.

Global Finger Mitts. This pattern was named as it was because it combines "a Nepalese hemmed cuff and thumbs, a Newfoundland separated index finger, and a Scandinavian stranded-flower pattern". I'm not sure I would like mitts with the Newfoundland separated index finger, as it seems it would make my hands look unsettlingly like cloven hooves, but I'm sure they're very practical when you're hauling your catch into your boat in sub-zero weather.

Mulberry Slouch. Love the texture and shape of this one.

Rossore Pullover. I rather like the design, but this muddled colourway is doing nothing for it.

Winding Path Cowl. An eye-catching mosaic piece.

Lace Pleat Cardigan. I'm not sure the lace insert on the back of this otherwise polished cardigan is working for me. I get the disturbing feeling I'm looking at either a wardrobe malfunction, or a portal into another dimension, where I will probably fall immediately afoul of the supreme leader of the domain, Lord Ziqtyzias.

Marbled Brioche Scarf. Very handsome!

Eastport Pullover. Colour blocking doesn't always work, but it does here. This is quite sharp, and I like the slightly offbeat colourway.

Daybreak Beanie. Cute little cap.

Ribboned Crop Top. This is a smart-looking piece. Crop tops can be a difficult shape to wear, but this is a design it wouldn't be hard to lengthen.

Brilliant Cables Hooded Sweater. Very much like this one, which has both polish and style.

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  1. Global Finger Mitts..."cloven hooves" good one! Made me laugh out loud!