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Friday, 21 August 2015

Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine #15: A Review

Debbie Bliss Magazine has released its fifteenth issue. Let's have a look at the knitted Bliss within, shall we? (Sorry Debbie, I know you've heard that one approximately 3748 times.)

Blanket Scarf. The yarn used here really makes this very simple scarf.

Cabled Armwarmers. Pretty basic, but they'll do. You might want to make them a little more fitted than they are here.

Cabled Turban. Very Sunset Boulevard. This is not a good thing, unless one is actually cast as Norma Desmond in an actual stage production.

Check Sweater. Quite pretty and cosy, but I would neaten up the fit.

Check Sweater with Contrast Sleeve. I'm not liking the fit, the colourway, or the contrast sleeve (which has that "ran out of yarn" look), but I can picture the basic design working if it were better shaped and made in better colours with two matching sleeves.

Checked Zip Jacket. Not a bad concept or shape, but I would definitely change the colourway.

Chunky Garter Stitch Sweater. Pretty colours, but that is one baggy, unflattering shape.

Contrast Sleeve Sweater. It's not a terrible concept, but again the fit is terrible. Even the model looks stunned to find herself wearing this.

Dog's Tooth Check Baseball Jacket. Not bad, but it definitely deserves a better integrated and more sophisticated colourway.

Fringed Sweater. This wouldn't be a bad piece if the shape were neatened up a little, but WHY THE FRINGE. WHY WHY WHY.

Hooded Sweater. Basic but serviceable. I'd run a stripe in the main colour through the contrast colour hem, cuffs, and hood ribbing to make it look a little smarter and more pulled together.

Jacket with Tartan Pockets. I love tartan detailing and want this to work, but it isn't quite. I think I'd make the tartan pockets considerably smaller, and maybe also make the sleeves in tartan.

Lace Cowl. Nice cowl which deserves to be put over an attractive top, as opposed to whatever horror the model is wearing.

Long Line Waistcoat. This is Dr. Zhivago's Lara, looking out the window at post-revolutionary Russia and pining for the day when there'll be decent consumer goods available in Russia again. I am sorry to say it'll be a very long wait and, er, well, you have more pressing concerns, Larochka.

Poncho Wrap. I wish I could see the bottom of this, but it looks well so far as it goes. That is such a beautiful shade of red.

Reindeer Jacket. Cute. Done in the right colours, this could be a nice little Christmas season sweater for the little guy in your life.

Shoulder Cape. This is very "beginner project", with no interesting or attractive details. Even if you are a beginner, you deserve to make something less bland than this.

Striped Sweater. Very presentable and wearable basic design.

Tank Top. This is the outfit Dr. Zhivago's Lara is fond of wearing as she plays her balalaika, sings sad songs about her lost lover and daughter, and awaits Stalin's next purge.

Tartan Detail Sweater. Another tartan design where the proportions aren't working. I like the collar, but all the tartan at the bottom is too heavy an effect. I think what I might do is knit the body in the main colour, and make folding cuffs in tartan.

Triangle Scarf. This is a little over the top. I think I'd knit it in a smaller size, and maybe add a fringe.

Triangular Scarf. This is a nice useful piece that would work over a lot of outfits.

V Neck Tunic. Do not adjust your computer screen... this sweater really is as bad as it looks.

Zipped Sweater. Very nice. I like the touch of contrast colour at the cuffs and inside the collar, and the matching zipper is an excellent finishing touch.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Debbie Bliss Magazine Issue 14: A Review

Debbie Bliss Magazine has released their 14th issue. Excuse my tardiness as it's actually been out for quite awhile, but as they haven't as of this writing updated their website with the preview pics from the new issue, I was unable to write my review until I finally messaged the Debbie Bliss Magazine Facebook page and the administrator helpfully pointed me to a set of preview pics elsewhere on the web. Let's have a look at the warm weather knitwear within, shall we?

Error Top. Basic little top. I can think of more positive messages I'd rather be wearing.

Bliss Top. That's a little more like it.

Quack the Duck. Cute.

Bob the Bunny. It's hard to go wrong with a bunny toy.

Smiffy. Cute.

Man's Bee Friend. Personally I wouldn't treat my best friend like this.

Le Chien A La Mode. Okay, fine, I have to admit this is kind of adorable. But I am still resolutely anti-knitwear for pets. I mean, we all know how that can end, don't we?

Classic Cardigan. Very basic. The yarn, which is Eco Baby Prints in Carnival, is pretty.

Guernsey. Okay. It's a little too big in the neck.

Shell Pattern Slipover. This is designed to be worn over something else, but I would make it more fitted and raise the armholes so it could be worn by itself.

Belted Top. Belts really don't belong in one's armpits.

Sweatshirt. I doubt this particular colour would appeal to many men, but this simple pattern would be wearable enough in another yarn.

V-Neck Cardigan. This isn't terrible, only too basic and a little unflattering, but there are so many better-designed cardigan patterns out there that it would make no sense to choose this one.

Sideways Knitted Sweater. Pretty little top.

Contrast Edge Cardigan. Very cute little piece. It's simple, but the collar and the contrast edging give it all the interest it really needs, and the shape is good.

Raglan Sweater With Chevron Edging. Very pretty. The lace edging is a nice finishing touch on an otherwise simple and well-shaped sweater.

Frill Edge Cardigan. Don't care much for this one. The hem shaping doesn't look designed, but as though it shrunk and pulled in the middle, and most women aren't going to care for that bulky ruffle around their hips.

Raglan Sweater with Bow. Both the bow and the way the body is belling out over the waist ribbing are unfortunate.

Antimacassar. This isn't a bad effect, but I can't imagine wanting to fuss around with one of these on the furniture. Victorian novels often describe their female characters as having to repeatedly straighten their antimacassars, and women have acquired careers since then.

Tealight Holder Covers. I often see examples of these tealight covers on the net. I'd like to see some research on whether they're safe.

Lace Cushion. Nice lace pattern.

Cabled Floor Cushion. Classic and looks comfy.

Lace & Cable Cushion. Don't like this lace pattern as much as the previous one. The two lace stitches don't work together that well.

Cabled Throw. A rather unique cabled effect with a contemporary feel to it.

Smock Dress. Cute concept, but the design could use a little polishing up. I'd smock the pockets and improve the shape of the collar.

Moss Stitch Tunic With Pockets. Uninteresting and badly shaped. I'd keep looking for a better boy's sweater pattern.

Wraparound Apron. No way would I spend time knitting something for the express purpose of getting paint slopped all over it. This is what Daddy or Mommy's cast off shirts are for.

Dress with Pocket. They're not even trying in this issue, are they?

Smock Coat. Basic little jacket. A more interesting yarn choice would do something for it.

Beret. Basic as basic can be.