Monday, 28 October 2013

Bergère de France Magazine No. 169: A Review, Part 2

After part un of the Bergère de France Magazine No. 169 "Yarn Generation" review was published yesterday, let's proceed with part deux of the review.

Pattern #27, Bobble Hat and Snood. This is a very nice hat and cowl set. I don't share Bergère de France's love of that oatmeal shade, but there's no denying that the yarns used here (Angel Blanc Casse and Pure Nature Chamois) look beautifully soft and luxurious.

Pattern #28, Zipped Jacket. I think I'd like this jacket better if it were in one of the more standard menswear colourways. Most of the men I know aren't dandies and don't enjoy pushing the envelope when it comes to their style. This sweater combines an unusual colourway with a slightly unusual design, and a lot of men will only be willing to incorporate one of those elements in an outfit.

Pattern #29, Fur Collar. I quite like this little faux fur capelet. It's retro and cute.

Pattern #30, Bag. In part one of this review, I commented that one particular drawstring bag looked like something you'd carry on your way to the bowling alley with your friends Myrtle, Velma, and Gladys. Well, this bag is what Myrtle is carrying. And it contains wrap-around sunglasses, her lotto tickets, and lot of used tissues.

Pattern #31, High Collared Jacket. I can't say I understand the concept here. Adding random and ludicrous "design elements" like these this doesn't magically turn a basic design into an edgy, stylish one. Nor does forgetting to darn in the ends. Either knit this jacket without the bars of "embroidery", or just add some cables or moss stitch or stripes here and there to jazz it up a little.

Pattern #32, Crocheted Hat. I cannot imagine any of the young men of my acquaintance willingly wearing this hat. But then I would never have thought any young men would care to appear in public wearing long johns with shorts and I've seen several male Toronto hipsters do so this past week, so what do I know. I would recommend at least darning in the ends though.

Pattern #33, Sweater. Hmm, ugly afghan-type yarn, a curved hem, and a buzz word from the nineties knitted on the chest. You're wearing me down, Bergère de France. At this point I don't know which of us is the more out of touch. I do approve of the parasol, though. Given the heartrending ease with which I sunburn, the parasol can't come back into fashion soon enough for me.

Pattern #34, Snood. You know, I'd like this if it were knitted as a straight length and so actually needed buttons — though I would pick out more interesting buttons. Buttons that don't actually button things up just look chintzy on anything.

Pattern #35, Orange Cushion; Pattern #36, Green Cushion; Pattern #37, Pink Cushion; and Pattern #38, Blue Cushion. As I said above, I was wondering which of us was more out of touch, Bergère de France, but I think I've decided it's you. At least I know I'm not hip. I'm guessing these were intended to be the perfect cushions for a young computer geek, but the thing is actual computer geeks, like geeks in general, like any referential clothing or home furnishings to be both more esoteric and more pointed than this.

Pattern #39, Stress-relief toy. This looks more like a baby's toy than a stress-relief toy, but then I suppose babies have stress too. All that gas, teething, limited communication skills, etc.

Pattern #40, Key Holder. This isn't a bad idea, but I don't think I'd like one of these myself — it's a tad on the bulky side and would take up too much room in my purse. Also it would get grubby very quickly.

Pattern #41, Panda Throw. The pom poms and applied bow on this throw would drive me crazy because not only are they kind of cheesy, they'd be forever catching on everything. If I wanted to make a panda throw, I'd just go with an intarsia panda.

Pattern #42, Sweater; and Pattern #43, Pompom Hat. I have to admit these are kind of cute. They aren't something I'd be caught dead in, but then they aren't for me, but for some cute young woman or teenaged girl who is capable of looking totally adorable in them.

Pattern #44, Short Hat. More non-functioning buttons on this one, which I don't think add anything. Otherwise I suppose it's an acceptable and very basic design.

Pattern #45, Hooded Sweater. I actually kind of like this one. The overall shape is quite good. If you're making this for someone other than yourself, so make sure he or she likes the faux Greek letter geek concept enough to wear it.

Pattern #46, Low-Back Sweater. I have to say I like this one. The back detail is surprising and eye-catching and and not in a bad or unwearable way. The wearer will be able to get a bra under the sweater and to wear this design to most places except possibly work (and then it depends on what her work place is like). I'd wear this myself.

Pattern #47, Hat. Not a bad hat, and finally... decorative buttons that actually work reasonably well as decorative touches. Using unusual shank-style buttons seems to be key to making that work.

Pattern #48, Hat or Snood. This pattern works as a cowl, but I'm skeptical as to its merits as a hat. In Canada, having a gaping hole at the end of your hat is not a great idea. Moreover, it just looks oversized and rather silly.

Pattern #49, Large Scarf. Really basic huge ribbed scarf. It's fine if you like this style. I will say the Chambery Glacier yarn used here is beautiful.

Pattern #50, Lap-top Case. This looks like a prop from some low-budget sci-fi movie from the fifties, one in which the aliens have zippers down the front of their costumes and speak perfect English and try to convince the female lead to come aboard their wobbling cardboard spaceships to see all their high-tech equipment, of which this would be one piece. In other words, this is a good for a laugh, especially if there is popcorn involved, but I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to use it in real life.


  1. Wow, I automatically deleted my email of the new Bergerac catalogue as in the past reading has led to stashing. I see now I need not have feared it, usually so many great designs, something seriously amiss in this lot!

  2. The #32 hat looks like a Hershey kiss! Maybe good for a costume, but I don't think any of the young men I know would wear it!