Sunday, 11 November 2012

Remembering through Knitting

When I couldn't find a white peace poppy in time for this Remembrance Day, and the Friends at the Quaker meeting I attend resorted to making their own out of paper, I turned to the internet for ideas and instructions on how to knit one for November 11, 2013. I found loads of really beautiful handmade poppy brooches online whose makers had employed every kind of craft technique, from felting to needlepoint to crochet to enamel. The nicest handmade poppies I saw weren't knitted as the knitted ones tended to look rather floppy and shapeless, but as this is supposed to be a knitting blog, here are just a few of the knitted poppies I came across.

You can find a free pattern for the poppy above here.

The free pattern for this one is here.

The pattern for this one is for sale here.

I love the detail on these poppies, though they are felted rather than knitted. I think I'll adapt the design to make myself a white knitted poppy for next year.

And I'll be keeping in mind that if I make my own poppy, it should bear some resemblance to nature's originals. Some of the handmade ones I saw, well, didn't.

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