Friday, 7 March 2014

Knit Simple Spring 2014: A Review

Knit Simple has released the preview of their Spring 2014 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

A mesh shrug. This is one of those patterns I have to give a qualified approval, because on the right person and with the right outfit, this could work. It sits well and has a certain minimalist style. And hey, if you finish it and don't like it on yourself, you can always use it as a tensor bandage.

I rather like this little jacket. It has good lines and looks like a handy item to have for cool spring and summer evenings.

Not a bad little short-sleeved cardi for wearing over pretty summer dresses.

This isn't a bad cowl, though I think I'd be making it for autumnal or winter wear.

Don't care for this top. It's the sleeves, which are bound to get all bunchy under the arms when they're not held up as this model's are. Sleeves should not be large enough to house both the arm and a medium-sized pet.

Clean-lined and simple little tee.

This shawl is quite eye-catching for something so simple. I like the way the two shades have been used here.

I can't understand why anyone would want to wear half gloves in the spring or summer. And I'm not even going to recommend that they be knitted for the next cold season, because this a pretty undistinguished collection of fingerless gloves. They run the gamut from too utilitarian to looking like they were made from old afghans to looking like they came from Michael Jackson's boudoir, although in the latter case at least the editors took the trouble to find complete pairs. The blue cabled pair at center left is probably the best of the lot.

Gorgeous lace shawl.

This is a lovely and interesting shawl.

This one might look fine if it were put back on the couch. Shawls should not look like afghans.

Shawls should also not look like Christmas tree skirts.

Delicately pretty.

This is a cute and rather stylish little shrug that would work over a lot of casual summer outfits.

The headband is kind of cute but I'm not thrilled with the fingerless gloves. Sticking bows on a lacklustre pattern doesn't turn it into a good or interesting design.

This is okay. Using a more interesting colour scheme would help. Not everything little girls wear has to be pink.

This is kind of cute, but again it's more my idea of winter wear.

Knit Simple likes to do these scarves with pocket on the ends and I've never understood why.

These cushions are supposed to look like bows. They don't look like bows. They look like they're wearing girdles and can't breathe.

What did I say above about putting bows randomly on lacklustre patterns?

More headbands. Knitted bows aren't a bad idea as hair accessories for little girls. You could also attach them to hair clips.

I see Knit Simple beat me to the "knitted bows attached to hair clips idea". I wouldn't use them this particular way — these look a little silly — but the idea has potential.

This afghan is rather pretty. The honeycomb shaped squares are something different.

Very much like this blanket, which is striking and graphic.

I don't care for this one, but I think it's because of the colour scheme, which strikes me as unpleasant. The design is actually very good.

Love the varying ripples in this one.

I've been seeing a number of puzzle-themed afghans and baby blankets lately. This isn't the best of the lot, but it's certainly workable.

Very effective and well-balanced use of stripes and blocks and solids.

Not crazy about this one. The colourway isn't very attractive and the diagonal stripe effect just seems to distort the afghan's shape visually.

Love this one, with its subtle gradient effect.

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