Friday, 23 May 2014

Knitscene Accessories 2014: A Review

Knitscene has released an accessories issue. Let's have a look at the accessories therein!

This is the Starlette Capelet. I quite like it. It has a good texture, and has a certain pleasing Victorian feel to it while being quite wearable by today's standards.

The Kirsch Cowl. This is a pretty little piece, but I'm not sure about the pom poms, which make this piece look a bit like the cowl equivalent of pom pom socks.

The Wandren Hat and Scarf is a nice classic hat and scarf set with a bit of originality in its twisted rib and cable stitch arrangement.

The Lady Lindy Headband has an interesting design, but this would be would be a seriously difficult piece to wear without looking silly. Even this professional model isn't managing it.

The Corbusier Socks are a nicely textured classic sock design.

The designer of this Valerian Hat says it was "inspired by the intricate geometric patterns often seen on door frames in Art Deco buildings", and that seems to have been a happy inspiration. The stranded band around the hat does look like something distinctively apart from the usual fair isle.

The Eva Marie Hat & Cowl is a good classic lacework slouchy tam and cowl set.

The Townsend Hat has a kind of twenties vibe that I rather like, but I don't think the hat itself is quite working as is. Perhaps this hat could work in another colourway, such as one that is softly blended rather than high-contrast as this one is. The appliqué fan stands out a little too much in this colourway and consequently looks a bit slapdash rather than like an integrated part of the design.

I absolutely love the Cassandre Cowl, with its Art Nouveau-esque fan design. No need to fiddle with this colourway to make it work. This piece will work in any high contrast or complementary colour scheme.

The Bevis Mitts have good texture and a stylish shape to them.

The Pellisier Cowl has a sharp, graphic appeal.

This piece is another that cries out for a different colourway. I wouldn't work the Skyhawk Shawl's stacked triangles in green because it gives this piece an unfortunate resemblance to a Christmas tree skirt. When I imagine this shawl done in, say, ivory and old rose, or turquoise and yellow, it looks much more like a smart modern summer shawl.

The Peacock Ascot. I like this piece. The stitchwork is pretty, the item will stay in place, and this design is a great way to showcase some lovely buttons.

The Calamus Hat is a pretty classic lacework cap.

The Nene Shawl looks like a lovely way to show off a gradient yarn. The stitchwork in this piece is exquisite.

The Amakihi Shawl is another beautiful lace scarf.

The Boson Cowl. Love this one. The texture's great. Though when wearing this cowl, you needn't arrange your hair in a cowl-like style to match it. Try whipping up a matching pair of gloves instead.

The Pivot Socks. Another attractive classic pattern that has a bit of interest in its enlarged cable pattern.

The Recursive Shawl is one pattern knit in two different weights of yarn. It's not a bad piece: simple, useful, and probably quick to knit.

The Isotopy Mitts are fun and modern.

The Congruence Socks. I'm not finding these pleasing to look upon. They're making me feel like I need to either adjust my computer screen or get my eyesight checked. But then that's just the effect created by this particular yarn. These socks have a classic stockinette and cable design and would look good in any yarn you find attractive.

I very much like the Dressel Shawl, with its strikingly original (for knitwear) Grecian-style design.

The Cerigo Shawl is another good piece of design. I like the effect of the contrast cabled border on this otherwise very simple shawl.

The Scarab Mitts. I must admit these are mittens are a clever and fun bit of design, but I am perhaps not the person to be reviewing them, or am reviewing them on the wrong day, given that I had to beat an obscenely large insect to death with a rolled-up newspaper in my bathroom earlier today and the thought of tolerating even an intarsia insect on my person is beyond me.

The Vidya Mitts. Not thrilled with these. They're cute in their way, but perhaps don't have enough sophistication for my taste. I'd make something along these lines for a child.

The Gefn Mitts. I like the ruffled cuffs on these fingerles mitts but don't care for the visibly seamed garter stitch upper part of the design, which makes them look like they're inside out.

The Arachnid Mitts. More insects. But again I must admit these are a witty, well-executed design. Now please excuse me while I go shudder convulsively. No, I'm not a Kafka fan, why do you ask?

Oh good, these mitts feature birds instead of insects. The Huginn and Muginn Mitts are clever and I think, despite their cuddly sounding name, will be just the thing for that Edgar Allan Poe devotee in your life.

The Sphinx Hat is really cute. Love the use of colour here.

The Polos Headband. This headband looks much easier to wear than the Lady Lindy headband above. It's simple and classic and will hold a woman's hair back without making her look like Alice in Wonderland.

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