Monday, 7 July 2014

Hare Skins

This is a stop animation video for the song "Les peaux de lièvres" ("Hare Skins") by the former French-Canadian indie pop band Tricot Machine ("Knitting Machine"). Those who made this video used an incredible 720 separate pieces of intarsia to tell the story of two lovers spending an evening outside during a snowfall, and the characters depicted in the video actually resemble Tricot Machine members Catherine Leduc and Matthieu Beaumont. The song title itself refers to an old St. Lawrence River coast expression, used when there's a heavy wet snow, "it's snowing rabbit/hare skins/pelts", and this video features subtitles that contain both the French lyrics and an English translation of them.


  1. Hi! I was looking for some 1930s knittingpatterns and found this post Do you by any chance remember where you bought it? Its perfect!!!!

  2. Hi Yazika. I bought the pattern from an Etsy seller. The link I've provided below is to the listing, though the pattern is not available at present. However, if you email the vendor and tell her you wish to purchase the pattern, she may be willing to relist it for you.