Monday, 29 December 2014

Knitscene Spring 2015: A Review

Knitscene has released its Spring 2015 issue. Let's curl up by the fire and have a look at it, shall we?

Tumbledown Cardigan. The front of this doesn't sit at all well. The back is a bit better, but the stitchwork on it bears an unfortunate resemblance to how runs look in stockings.

Spaulding Shawl. Lovely, simple yet distinctive shawl.

Coburn Pullover. The yoke of this is great, but it's too baggy through the body. I'd adjust the number of stitches and add waist shaping.

Agamenticus Shawl. Not liking this one much. It does look good here, styled nicely on a stunning model, but the photo of the shawl by itself is much less appealing.

The slipped stitches just look like runs. This is why it's important to look past a product photo's styling, whether it be good or bad.

Willa Tank. Liking the concept of the braided shoulder straps, but the fit is unattractively baggy.

Ashlee Tee. I like this piece overall, but it does look a little unfinished at the neckline and sleeves. Adding any sort of braid would look too heavy, but a simple crocheted edging might work.

Skylar Hat. Cute hat.

Colbie Tank. Nice simple piece.

Katey Cowl. Simple yet polished-looking.

Vergence Sweater. The pointed hem on this is just too over the top. It's like wearing a big arrow pointing downwards. I suppose it's the perfect thing to wear on days when a woman wants everyone to notice her new shoes, but otherwise...? I'm also really not liking the way the edges of the collar stand away from the neckline. It looks stiff and awkward.

Voxel Tee. Like this one, which has a smart, retro vibe. I'd stitch together the ribbed hems though.

Prismatic Pullover. It's never a good sign when a design is making a professional model look dumpy and depressed.

Chiroscope Clutch. Perfect clutch. This will be one useful pattern that you may find yourself using several times. I see it in a silk or metallic yarn for evening and in a matte neutral yarn for day.

Focus Dress. Cute little jumper, though a woman probably needs to be a young, gamine, Amélie type to carry it off.

Hollin Pullover. This piece is well-shaped overall, and I like the concept of the lacework on the yoke of this piece, but am not sure how much I like the execution. That lacework looks a little too heavy.

Arnica Shawl. Lovely shawl.

Valar Socks. Nicely patterned and well-shaped socks.

Lindon Sweater. Looks both worn to transparency and shrunken.

Aurelia Cowl. Lovely lacework cowl.

Nienna Tee. Shapeless and uninteresting.

Vana Shrug. Saggy and unflattering.

Misty Sweater. Liking the concept of using colour blocking to make a sweater that comes across as a bustier, but I would have taken the execution a few steps further. Colour blocking can be tricky to pull off — the designer has to integrate the blocks of colour or they'll look like building blocks randomly thrown together rather than a finished design. I think I might add some sort of lacework and stitchwork to the top and/or add some of the yoke/sleeve colour to the bodice in order to pull the design together.

Gilt Sweater. Attractive, wearable piece, and good use of gradient colour.

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