Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pom Pom Quarterly Summer 2014: A Review

Pom Pom Quarterly has released their Summer 2015 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Michelada. Good stitchwork, but this isn't terribly flattering. It looks wider than it is long. Making it a longer length should fix that.

Palila. A shaker-knit, dropped shoulder cardigan. It's unflattering and unattractive, and also looks like something that came out of a recently re-discovered warehouse of remaindered clothing from 1986.

Talavera. Not a bad little lacy sleeveless top, though I might have made the cowl at the neckline a little larger.

Manzanilla. This barely there lacy cowl isn't bad, but I'd like to see it worn doubled. It has that "sad flat tire" look styled this way.

Greco. Boxy, cropped striped top with dropped shoulders and alternating solid and lacy stripes. I'd reshape this to a hip-length, waist shaped, standard shoulder number, keeping the stripes and the style of the sleeves.

Azulejo. Not a bad-looking little clutch.

Alcomar. Lovely piece. The shape is good and the lace pattern on the back is beautiful.

Pomelo. Nice piece! The u-shape stripe pattern is really eye-catching and original, and the shape is good. I'd be lining and reinforcing this piece to keep it from stretching and sagging too much.

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