Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Vogue Knitting Winter 2015/16: A Review

Vogue Knitting has released their Winter 2015/16 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Pattern #1, Turtleneck Pullover. A fabulous reinterpretation of Bohus Stickning design.

Pattern #2, Bohus Cardigan. Love it. The longer cuffs and the juxtaposition of the plain collar band and the detailed colour work around the neckline give a traditional style a fresh look.

Pattern #3, Fitted Hat. There's not quite enough definition in this cap's colourwork for my tastes, but it's attractive enough.

Pattern #4, Three Quarter Sleeve Pullover. I'm not liking the colour scheme here, and those gaps in the sleeves look like rips, but otherwise this is a good piece of design.

Pattern #5, Blanket Poncho. Bride of Sherpa.

Pattern #6, Chevron Pattern Cowl. Beautiful. Normally these ripple knits have a tendency to look too afghan-y, but in this case the colours are so beautifully blended and the item so carefully finished that the result is lovely.

Pattern #7, Welted Cowl. Rather a nice way to add a little faux fur to a simple coat.

Pattern #8, Pull-Through Wrap. I'd like this better if the two accent colours were more sophisticated shades. The hot pink and pea green accents on such a simple design gives the item an unfortunate juvenile look.

Pattern #9, Garter Stitch Capelet. And now we've bypassed juvenile effect and gone for full-on childish. This looks like something Knit Simple decided against publishing.

Pattern #10, Keyhole Scarf. This is about as basic it gets, but I have to admit it has a certain practical and minimalist appeal. Playing with the colour and yarn selection could really change it up too.

Pattern #11, Aran Pullover. There's some beautiful stitchwork in this and the yarn used is clearly gorgeous, but the shaping is unfortunate and the overall effect is frumpy. This looks like it could be one of the sweaters actress Alison Wright got stuck in for her role as the unfortunate Martha in the early eighties period piece The Americans.

Pattern #12, Sleeveless Top. Nice piece! It's totally wearable and has a cool, Mary Tyler Moore-ish retro vibe.

Pattern #13, Elbow Length Pullover. Love the stitch used here, but that is some seriously unflattering shaping.

Pattern #14, Houndstooth Mitts. Rather a sharp little accessory.

Pattern #15, Long Sleeve Pullover. So-so. I might like this better if it were in a more interesting colourway than charcoal and oatmeal.

Pattern #16, Fair Isle Cardi. Very cute, useful little piece.

Pattern #17, Plaid Cardigan. Not bad. I might neaten up the fit a touch.

Pattern #18, Plaid Fringed Wrap. Lovely.

Pattern #19, Shawl Collar Pullover. Classic piece. I'd shape the shawl collar a little more generously, as that collar does look a little skimpy from the back.

Pattern #20, Poncho Pullover. I'm too anti-poncho to fairly assess them, so all I will say is, this has beautiful stitchwork.

Pattern #21, Chunky Fair Isle Vest. Not bad, for a chunky knit. There are more interesting colourways for this project than the one used in the sample.

Pattern #22, Reversible Fur Vest. I'm totally on board with the idea of a reversible fur vest, but this is oh so shapeless.

Pattern #23, Mock Turtleneck Pullover. Awesome texture, but I'd neaten up the shape and fit a bit, though I'd be careful to preserve the relaxed fit of this one.

Pattern #24, Fair Isle Hat. Pretty and subtle.

Pattern #25, Textured Scarf. This looks like a simple classic scarf that mysteriously grew random strips of cat fur. It's a were-scarf caught mid-transition.

Pattern #26, Aran Coat with Fur Collar. Not bad, although I would not have gone with such a light coloured fur collar on an ivory coat. I'd go with a darker gray or taupe collar, with the goal of having a contrasting second colour rather one than looks mismatched.


  1. Always have a laugh reading the reviews, were-scarf! Agree also with the shapeless fit of most sweaters and always on tiny models without breasts.

  2. Any review with a Martha shoutout is an awesome review.