Monday, 10 April 2017

Cast On Spring 2017: A Review

Cast On has released their Spring 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it.

All Tied Up Skirt. I rather like this one, which is well shaped and carefully finished. The tie detail is rather interesting. I'd consider using a satin ribbon as a tie instead of making one out of the same yarn.

All Tied Up Vest. I'm less enthusiastic about the vest. I don't like cardigan-style sweaters that don't meet in the front, as they always look too small, and those three ties have a kitschy look.

Baby Dots Sweater. This is cute, though that neckline does look unfinished.

Bloom. Wow. This is just gorgeous.

Catalina Cardigan. The lacework and the overall design are pretty, but I'm not entirely sold on how this sits. Notice that the model is pressing the sweater to her in the front with both hands.

Easy Peasy Baby Hats. As the name promises, these would be easy to whip up, and they're also cute. This a perfect pair of attributes for baby clothes, because those little sprogs have a way of growing out of their knitted items at a perversely fast rate.

Gryphon Shawl. What a beautiful piece of lacework, and it sits beautifully as well.

Helena Pullover. A very pretty summer top. There is something about a simple stockinette summer top with a touch of lace.

Infinity Scarf. I don't tend to like a lot of fringe as it tends to get into and/or caught on things, but this fringed cowl is pleasing and looks easy to wear, and also has some interesting stitchwork.

Light the Torches Socks. These are a little too visually busy for my liking. Combining two different stripe patterns and a slip stitch pattern and a vibrant two-toned yarn choice adds up to a little much. I might dial this back a bit by going with a quieter yarn.

Sampler Pillow (top photo) and Seed and Moss Stitch Pillow (bottom photo). I'm not too taken with either of these. The Sampler Pillow's "samples" are all pulling out of shape. The Seed and Moss Stitch Pillow might be a good one to do in a beautiful, interesting yarn rather than in this plain cream, which looks a little too bland for this pattern.

Sitka Tree Ornament. These are really beautiful. The detailing is great, and I love the colours.

Squares Squared. Not bad. One doesn't see so many designs that implement squares.

Viter. A beautiful, classic piece.

Weekend Tea Cozies. These aren't anything special, but I suppose they'll get the job done.

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  1. The Catalina Cardigan must have been knit for a much larger model. She's holding back pleats of fabric. Do you suppose a lining on the skirt is responsible for the smooth lines?