Monday, 18 March 2019

Knitty Spring & Summer 2019: A Review

Knitty has released their Spring & Summer 2019 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Opportune. Nice little cover-up, and it was a good choice to do it in a fun colour. Though as you may have suspected, I am partial to orange.

Kikyo. Very pretty lacework in this piece, which the designer writes that she designed to "bring the best of both worlds together. Knitters and crocheters: it’s time to get along." (And good luck to her with that.) The wearer will need to think about what's to be worn underneath.

Slouchy Time. Oh dear. The designer of this piece created it in homage to Flashdance. And I'm all for homages to Flashdance, but that ripped sweatshirt of Jennifer Beals' is almost the last thing about it that I would choose to emulate.

Jurret. Very much like this one. The shaping is good, and I like that all the ridges flow towards the neckline, drawing attention to the face.

Vanora. Nice little summer top. The lacework is so attractive.

Cailleach Beara. Another pretty little summer top.

Lis. This one's just a simple striped top, and yet it's so well shaped and finished that it has a lot of polish, and style enough to carry a simple outfit.

Pompompop. The pompoms are little much for my tastes, but then anyone who makes this design could leave them off (as the shawl would work aesthetically without it) or include them as they pleased.

Go With the Phloem. This is a decent, everyday kind of wrap. It seems to drape very well.

Ambition and Cunning. This has a "randomly cobbled together" look. When I look at it I'm left with the impression that either I'm looking through openings in the shawl to the model's sweater on the other side, or at swatches randomly appliquéd to a piece of gray jersey. I love the border ruffle and the stitchwork in the panels, but don't care for the design as a whole. It doesn't make sense visually, either in display or when on the model.

Plain Sight Socks. Nice socks! I especially like the way the lines running up the top of the foot from the toe flow into the stitchwork on the ankle.

Gothix. This is one of those designs that work especially beautifully as a showcase for a gradient yarn.


  1. I very much like that they used "real" people as models!

  2. Totally agree! I prefer 'normal' models too!