Friday, 31 January 2014

Interweave Knits Spring 2014: A Review

The Interweave Knits Spring 2014 issue is out. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

This is the Bailiwick Pullover. This is a very traditional gansey pattern with a little updating in its use of a ballet neckline and three quarter sleeve length.

The Meltwater Pullover is another very traditional sweater. The colours used here really make the design pop.

The Alderney Socks. These have the traditional gansey pattern worked into them, but I must admit I've never seen it used in socks before, and that it's a very pleasing effect.

The O'Kelly's Chapel Shawl. Another very traditional piece. And this does have a lovely lace pattern, though I always have found that blunt rectangular shawl shape to be rather awkward.

The Lovebird Sweater. Really like this pretty and carefully finished piece.

The Dhania Shawl is a lovely piece.

The Monsoon Shawl. Another pretty shawl.

The Serendipity Tee is a pretty and wearable little top.

The Brick Lane Pullover is another attractive and wearable design. I don't happen to care for that three quarter sleeve length, which isn't always flattering on a woman, but of course you can make the sleeves any length you choose.

The Plumage Wrap. Love this little capelet, with its very clever Celtic knot tulip device. The buttons are a good thought. A woman doesn't always have the free hand or the patience for keeping a shawl clutched around her.

I'm not sold on the Sunshine Canyon Tee. The shaping isn't flattering, and the whole design comes across as a 80s-era throwback.

The Star House Cowl. This is one of those cowls that are long enough that they can be worn single or doubled, but I'd wear this one doubled. It looks nice doubled, but when worn single it has that limp spare tire look that cowls sometimes have.

The Caretaker Pullover. I don't much like this one, but I think that's largely because the colour choices here are unfortunate and it makes that shoulder patch look way too random. When I imagine this being done in a variegated colour and a second colour that picks up one of the colours from the variegated colour, I can see it working.

The Gyre Cardigan is something different. It's basically a shawl with sleeves, combining the lacy draped quality of a shawl with the functionality of a sweater. And it totally works. Very attractive and unique piece.

The Abiquiu Tunic. While the previous piece was a happy marriage of a shawl and a sweater, this one is a mésalliance of a sweater and an afghan, or what might be called a slanket. This just looks stiff and awkward.

The Aurora Jacket. I don't care for this one. I'd admire the rich texture of this if it were in an afghan, but it's too heavy for a cardigan, and the shaping is awkward and unflattering.

The Zephirine Cardigan. This is a very pretty piece. That yoke is delicately lovely.

The Millay Jacket is a piece with the kind of asymmetrical modern style I wouldn't normally like, but I think it works here. The lines have a certain grace.

The Jacaranda Tunic. Yikes. I'm trying to figure out where to start here. I mean, the colours are bad, the shaping is bad, the proportions are bad, the twee embroidery at the yoke is bad, the mud flaps at the sides are really bad. I say we all just go do some knitting and try to forget this design ever happened.

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