Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Knitwear on Ice and Other Knitting Fables

Chelsea and Evie were making knitted chains and lounging about on vintage cars before it was cool.

Audrey's scarf also made the perfect portable pouf.

Donalda took her role as "Fair Isle Girl" in Knitwear on Ice with the utmost seriousness.

Ettie's favourite childhood book had always been Alice in Wonderland and she liked to pay sartorial tribute to it, although she had never thought the Mad Hatter was quite mad enough.

Raven always pulled out all the stops whenever she did anything, whether the task at hand was learning to do ruching in knitting or applying eye makeup.

Cloris considered her latest design to be the perfect meta cocktail dress.

Trista had always envied her Cabbage Patch Kid doll its yarn hair as a child. As an adult, after realizing her childhood dream of growing yarn hair would never come true, she had settled for finding a way to give her hair the ravelled texture that went so well with her hand-knitted sweaters.

Nia wished it were possible to stop seeing the screaming faces in her new wool skirt now that her best friend had pointed them out.

Jessica was aiming for total immersion in a life of wool: changing her name to Carden, keeping her own sheep, carding and spinning her own wool, and weaving, knitting, or crocheting everything she wore. People kept telling her it wasn't really necessary for her also to go to the farmer's market barefoot, but she thought it worked with the rest of her look.

Laura was so delighted she'd finally found a good use for all those crocheted trivets her grandma kept making for her.

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