Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Knit Simple Holiday 2014: A Review

Knit Simple has released their Holiday 2014 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

For a dead simple scarf, this isn't bad. The colourway is good and the stripework gives it some interest. I'd add a fringe in both colours though, to make it look a little more finished.

These half gloves look to be on the rough side. I am especially not liking the the seaming of two colours on the right one.

These mittens are very cute. I like the idea of reversing the stripes.

Not a bad striped afghan. I think I'd crochet an edging around it rather than working a blanket stitch around it, though.

This little bag is just going to sag out of shape the minute you put something in it and pick it up. The handles look terrible.

I'd call this pencil case "Potholders Go to School".

This purse wouldn't be a bad thing for a little girl, but I would want to track down better flower patterns than those, or go with some other sort of decoration, such as beading.

These half gloves are ever so cute. Love the little hearts set into the ribbing.

Nice simple yet polished cabled scarf.

I wish I could see more of this scarf, but what I can see does look lovely.

This cowl is just too big and bulky to be really attractive.

This cardigan doesn't sit well or appear to be well-shaped.

Very basic tank, but it seems to be adequate as a design and as a piece of clothing. You'll want to select a special yarn for this one in order to give it some visual interest.

Lovely shawl. It'll be warmer and far less likely to snag than all those beautiful lace shawl patterns out there.

Lovely, comfortable-looking cushions.

This sweater concept has some promise, but I don't think it quite got where it needed to go design-wise. The colour blocking just looks a little askew and off-balance.

All I can say about these turbans is that if you're into doing Sunset Boulevard cosplay in your basement in the middle of the night, they'd be perfect. If you're into dressing as Norma Desmond as a group activity, the other cosplayers might laugh at you.

Pretty little baby blanket. The yarn used here was a really good choice — this would look too plain in a solid colour.

Simple little hat. It's attractive enough, and would be a quick, easy knit.

Nice, simple little sweater.

Cute little hat for the little future apiculturist in your life.

This frog hat appears to need surgery to correct its strabismus.

Very cute ladybug hat. It's amazing how cute ladybugs are. I don't see any other kind of beetle or insect appearing on children's clothing. Must be the polka dots.

Oh dear God. The only acceptable explanation I can possibly think of for this one is that it's some kind of coded map for finding the Easter eggs in a few months' time and is not intended for actual wear. Otherwise... if you make this ugly piece of crap for your child, and expect her to wear it, I hope you've been stashing money away in a therapy fund as well as in her college fund.

This owl hat isn't appealing to me. I think the problem is that it's a little too abstract and needed a little more realistic detailing (and sizing of the eyes) to work.

Not a bad panda hat.

This is the cover design, and it's not without a certain charm, but it does have a little too much crap sitting on it. I'd be inclined to embroider flowers and butterflies on the hat, rather than to make them as separate items and stitch them on as has been done here.

An...okay...crocheted fox hat. I think I'd look further than this design, though. I bet Ravelry has something cuter for your Fox & the Hound fan.

I think the decorations on this hat are supposed to be nuts, but they don't look convincingly like them. Please don't send your child off to school in a hat that appears to be decorated with turds. As you might have heard, schoolyard humour is not especially known for its kindness.

These pom poms do look cute in these pretty photos, but I'm not sold on them as home decor items. I can't see them working anywhere but in a child's room, or as decorations for low-budget, crafty-type wedding or party decorations. The bookmark idea isn't bad, but again I'd only make a pom pom bookmark for a child.

Decent-looking colourwork cap.

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  1. Thanks so much for the laugh you gave me from your comment on the "turd" hat. It was my immediate thought when I saw the photo and your comment confirmed that it wasn't just me. What were the designer/photographer/editor thinking?? Poor kid, I hope she wasn't planning to include that photo in her portfolio.