Monday, 29 September 2014

Queen of the Spiders and Other Knitting Fables

Raphaela was very proud of her new line of eco-knitwear. It wasn't every day a young designer produced such stunning and innovative runway looks out of upcycled dryer lint.

For all their good intentions, the newly formed handcrafting and free love commune hit a snag during their very first meeting, when Raffi accused Norbert of stealing his 4mm bamboo needles.

The members of the Main Street Stitch & Bitch decided after finishing their first round of projects that perhaps it hadn't been such a good idea that they all used the patterns member Nancy designed and offered to let them use for free. Maybe it was time they all ponied up to buy some patterns directly from the designers on Ravelry.

Keara wasn't quite sure how a simple walk in the woods in her latest creation had gone so wrong.

Marjorie's attempt to turn her her favourite dress into what her boss considered "acceptable business casual attire" had been less than successful. Her co-workers hadn't even stopped making those cheek popping sounds at her.

Some day Jinny and Ransom hoped to have a little granny square of their very own.

Dillon was very willing to model his girlfriend Maribel's handknitted socks for her Etsy page, but was unsure that it was really necessary to pose clad only in the socks in order to keep potential shoppers "focused on the product" as Maribel claimed. At least he'd managed to talk Maribel into letting him place his left foot strategically.

Willa wasn't sure that her therapist's plan to help her get over her arachnophobia needed to involve role play as Queen of the Spiders in his friends' Dungeons and Dragons game, but hey, he was the professional.

Bernadine's new gradient square afghan project had wound up becoming her latest dress design. Hey, that "knitted clothing should not look like afghans" rule only applied to granny square afghans, right?

Chloris had finally figured out a way to put all those extra mesh shopping bags she had lying around the house to good use without making the bags unsuitable for their original purpose.

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