Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Knitscene Accessories 2015: A Review

Interweave Press has just released their Knitscene Accessories 2015 issue, and with very exceptions, they've hit it out of the park with the designs in this issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Harper Shawl. Interesting and even rather cool.

Beacon Shawl. Very striking and totally cool.

Cait Shawl. This one's more basic, but it's pleasing and useful in its own, quieter way.

Sarcasm Shawl. Sharp and to the point, as sarcasm should be.

Ship That Shawl. This one has promise, but I don't think it got the colourway it deserved.

Knit a Bit Wall Hanging. This is hokey but I do agree with the sentiment.

Cask Baskets. There are many much more attractive knitted basket patterns out there.

Zagtarsia Blanket. This one's okay. It has a contemporary appeal. I'd have some fun with planning the colourway on this one.

Rhodesian Pillow (in front) and Polar Morn Pillow (in back). Good texture on these.

Cobblestone Throw. I do love a simple, single colour, textured throw.

Wallis Shawl. Pretty, and it sits really well.

Grace Clutch. Stylish and useful clutch. I'm impressed — this is probably the best handmade clutch I've ever seen.

Cara Scarf. Simple yet elegant and distinctive scarf.

Sabrina Socks. Lovely socks.

High Street Ascot. This is a bit too bare bones for my liking, but I do admire the stylish way it sits. This cowl isn't wrapped in place — it's designed to sit like this.

Nicole Necklace. This is too "Cindy Goes to Craft Camp" for my tastes.

Regina Hat. This hat is over the top, but gloriously so. If you're the type who loves and can carry off humongous hats, go for broke, girl!

Awry Hat and Awry Mitts. These are very cool, and the perfect way to add a bit of interest and colour to a very basic monochrome outfit.

Ostia Hat and Ear Warmer. Nice design that comes with hardtop and sunroof options.

Remiges Hat and Remiges Mittens. Striking and attractive hat and mitten set.

Opulent Cowl. Love this piece which, though it has that "sad flat tire" look when worn singly around the neck, looks amazing worn doubled. So elegant and sophisticated.

Antica Cowl. Like the textured outside and faux fur inside of this cowl, but I do have my concerns about the way it sits when the model isn't tugging on it as she's doing in every photo shown here.

Nocked Socks. Some nice and rather unique detailing on these.

Catalyst Cowl. This one's... okay. I'd go for interesting buttons rather than buttons that are simply huge here.

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