Monday, 22 June 2015

Creative Knitting Autumn 2015: A Review

Creative Knitting has released their Autumn 2015 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Zig Your Zag Hats & Mitts. The hat is super cute, but I can't say I care for that (slipped stitch?) effect used in the mitts. I'd just use the stripe pattern used in the hat.

Cable & Rib Romper. Nice texture!

Morning Glory Hoodie. A little too plain and undistinguished for my liking.

Baby blanket. Looks soft and cushy.

Sweetly Stripes sweater. Cute, and a great way to use up those odds and ends of yarn.

Woodland Sprite. I've seen better-shaped knit dolls, but this is cute and looks cuddly and any small child would be glad to have it.

Knitted from the inside out afghan. Eyecatching and attractive, with an interesting construction.

Mix and Match Charity Hat. Very simple, but then it's designed specifically to be used for charitable efforts, and it's just as well to keep such an item simple and useful so the knitter can concentrate on volume.

Chain Link Tee. This design is very seventies-era homemaker magazine. No, that's not a good thing.

Fallingwater sweater. Not a bad piece. I'd make the shoulders a little narrower and the piece a bit shorter.

Outerbanks tank. Not bad on the whole. I rather like the vertical lines and the stitchwork. I think I'm even on board with the pieced hem effect in front, but I see a mullet hem in the back, and I definitely can't go for that.

Cable and Lattice sweater. Nice stitchwork and the shaping is okay. Those short sleeves look awkward to me, but that's easily corrected if you feel the same.

Painted Desert Design. Neither attractive nor flattering. Those raised ridges look just plain lumpy.

San Francisco Blues. Rather pretty. I don't think I'd layer a long sleeved t-shirt underneath it. This looks like a summery piece to me.

Boneset Vest. Rather pretty stitchwork, and the style is serviceable enough.

Briarcliff. Not a bad piece. The stripes are very well-designed and this drapes quite well. I would fix the dropped shoulder, though.

Crossing Paths. Classic celtic knot with ribs design. For the woman's version, I'd fix the dropped shoulders, add waist shaping, and neaten up the fit a bit.

Falling Leaves. Quite a pretty and striking design. I'm imagining this done in cream and variegated green yarns.

Hudson Valley Tunic. Asymmetrical graphic designs should be actually designed, not merely mismatched. This presents like a slapdash project made by someone who simply couldn't be bothered matching the patterns at the seams.

Pine Meadow jacket. Cute little jacket, and the intricate pattern on the body gets even more beautiful the longer I look at it.

Sleepy Hollow shawl. Nicely textured wrap.

Warwick Clochet & Mitts. Polished-looking hat and mitts.

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  1. To me, Briarcliff looks like she flung a blanket over her shoulders.