Monday, 4 April 2016

Knit.Wear Spring & Summer 2016: A Review

Knit.Wear is baaaa-ack, after briefly restyling itself as Knit.Purl, and Interweave has released its "re-premiere" spring and summer issue for 2016. Let's have a look at an especially good issue. I'd be willing to make and wear most of these patterns myself, and it's not often I conclude that after writing a review.

Douillet Sweater. Classic striped sweater. Check out the perfection of the stripe match at the shoulder.

HAT. The perfect gift for the anomic aphasiac in your life! Actually, I rather like this piece. The font used for the word hat pleases me.

Lin Sweater. The unfinished, minimal style isn't my thing, but this is a very decent piece of design in that vein.

Galet Pullover. Very much like this one. The monotone striped effect is very inventive and even cool.

Bande Pullover. Not bad.

Kline Shawl. Rather a nice piece in a contemporary style.

Pollock Scarf. This one looks like it's been upcycled from an old granny afghan.

Escher Poncho. Love this one. The stripes, the accent colour, and the shaping are all so cool and striking.

Julie Pullover. I like this one. The loose twist effect has a both modern and timeless appeal.

Ingrid Pullover. Love this one. The neckline and collar are great, as is the shaping and the entire detailed, polished look of it all.

Veronica Vest. This one's quite different, but it works very well. The front ribbing and the faux fur trim around the neckline and the sleeve openings are nice touches, as is the shaping has a satisfying balance, going as it does from the open neckline to the trim waistline. I do think I'd make those sleeve openings a little less deep, as they'll offer a fine inside-the-sweater view to anyone who happens to be around the wearer. A woman could always wear a camisole underneath, of course, but to me this looks like a piece that calls for a strapless bra.

Phryne Fisher. Simple yet effective hat, and it would be an easy item to wear.

Doris Head Scarf. This one's nicely shaped. It does look like a proper head scarf rather than some swatch of yarn randomly tied around the model's head.

Katherine Cardigan. Quite smart and well-shaped and finished. The buckle snaps are a nice finishing touch.

Jessica Tank. A rather fetching little piece. The shaping is good, and I like the curving cables.

Anna Cowl. Beautiful lacework, and this is a very versatile piece that can be styled in quite a few different ways.

Day for Night Top. Very simple yet well-shaped piece that would go with many a skirt and pair of trousers in a woman's wardrobe.

Irina Pullover. Cozy, well-shaped sweater with really interesting texture.

Marilyn Sweater. Not bad. The shape is very 1950s and the detailing is very contemporary. It's a happy combination.

Claire Tank. This is one of those pieces I'd all but kill to have the right sort of figure to wear. Love the clean lines and the striking effect of the stripe and the waistband.

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