Monday, 11 April 2016

Love of Knitting Spring 2016: A Review

Interweave has added a new knitting magazine to their roster. It's called Love of Knitting. Let's have a look at its premiere issue, shall we?

Bold Stripes Jacket. I'm liking the playful stripes, but not the lack of shaping.

Chevron Vest. Again, I like the stripes, but not the shaping. This looks like its maker started to make an afghan, lost interest in the project, added some arm holes, and called it a day.

Circus Engineer. Cute! For the child in your life who is an aspiring engineer but also enjoys cuddly things.

Colorplay Crescent Lace Shawl. There's something about this combination of a classic, romantic shawl and a bold, modern use of colour that's very pleasing.

Crystal Chandelier Wrap. This looks more like an afghan than a wrap to me, though it is a lovely afghan, one worthy of a place on Charley Pride's couch.

Faux Cabled Cardigan. Very much like this one and would totally wear it myself.

Flower Tank. This is... okay. The yarn selection doesn't seem to be doing much for it, and it could use some waist shaping.

Graphic Knit/Purl Swatch-Cloth. That heart isn't terribly well-shaped.

Linen & Lace Wrap. Love this one. The colours are beautiful and it drapes well.

Platinum Jacket. This isn't a bad example of a loose-fitting cardigan, though styling it over a fussy, bunchy dress was not a happy thought.

Sailor's Stripes Raglan. This is ADORABLE. What a clever new take on the classic Breton stripe top.

Spring Breeze Vest. This is quite well-shaped, sits well, and has some lovely stitchwork. The name suits it, because it does look like a breezy little item for a woman to throw on over a variety of her summer outfits.

Springtime Lace Shawl. Attractive, classic piece.

Tea Time Top. Nice piece with good shaping and careful finishing. I would want to make this one in a more exciting colour, though. It could use a little pepping up.

Three Geometric Pillows. Three striking and effective designs.

ZigZag Scarf. Some really fantastic stitchwork in this one.

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  1. That "knit/purl swatch cloth" is extraordinarily similar to the "Purled Heart" dishcloth published in an old Leisure Arts booklet entitled "Dishcloths From the Heart" by Evelyn A. Clark (although Evelyn's heart is, as you'd expect, better shaped). Here's the Ravelry link: