Monday, 8 August 2016

Interweave Knits Fall 2016: A Review

Interweave Knits Fall 2016 is out. Let's have a look at it!

Harvey Pullover. This is fairly basic, but attractive enough. I'd fix those slightly dropped shoulders and go for a non-oatmeal-like colour.

Augusta Cardigan. Good shaping, and I love the back.

Damien Cardigan. Rather a nice sweater coat, but the pockets bother me. They're too small to look proportionate and not well enough integrated into the design.

Catlett Shawl. What a lovely piece.

Botero Pullover. A very handsome look. I'm really liking the subtle fair isle stripe effect.

Kathe Cardigan. The back and sleeves are excellent, but I'm not sure I'm liking the way those front opening edges sit.

Hirst Pullover. I rather like the jesery shirt-like styling of this one, but I'd do it in a less blah colourway.

Calder Pullover. Lovely lace pattern on this one, and good shaping.

Rodin Cardigan. The body of this is pretty good, but those very abbreviated sleeves look ludicrous.

Edmonoia Shawl. Another good-looking shawl.

El Greco Pullover. A classic cabled pullover with enough variation from the usual in the cable pattern to make it feel distinctive.

Azure Lake Sweater. Like this one. The slightly offbeat colourway makes it feel fresh, though still masculine.

Rawah Pullover. Pretty basic, as well as rather 80s, but it's certainly nice and wearable enough.

Fall River Vest. Beautiful classic fair isle vest.

Bandelier Socks. Quite like the design, with the thin ankle band stemming out from the heel. Not crazy about the colours used in this sample, but then that's easily changed.

Neota Cardigan. Great stitchwork and good shaping in this one.

Bear Lake Pullover. Some good stitchwork on this one too. Almost any man would be glad to wear this piece.

Nakai Peak. Nice cap with some great textural work.

Thompson River Socks. This is the design version of the ubiquitous ribbed and red-striped gray work sock, and I must say it's a successful one.

Comanche Hill Cardigan. I like this cardigan on the whole. The colourway is attractive and the design is striking and effective (the design was inspired by "the gorgeous baskets woven by the Washoe people of Nevada and California"), but I'm not liking the way it lies in the front. Tying it shut with a skinny belt over the model's rib cage wasn't a particularly happy thought either.


  1. - I really like that they are using a larger model in some photos! That is so affirming to those of us who are not supermodel tiny.
    - "Rawah Pullover: Pretty basic, as well as rather 80s" - I fully agree. It looks like someone bought a sweater from L.L. Bean.
    - The skinny belt on the Comanche Hill Cardigan is RIDICULOUS.

  2. Agree mostly. But I'm starting to think Interweave is just too subtle for me. So excited to see a "special anniversary issue", but then not a single pattern I'm excited about. A few nice elements and details, but for me it's basically blah blah and more blah. :(