Friday, 7 October 2016

Creative Knitting Winter 2016: A Review

Creative Knitting has released its Winter 2016 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Cannon Hill Cardi. Wearable and fairly attractive.

Kaihora Cowl. A beautifully polished piece. Love the sophisticated stitchwork.

Anatolia Mittens. I like the Turkish-inspired design on the back, but the simple stripes don't quite measure up to it.

Have It Your Way Fingerless Mitts. Fun and wearable.

Ravenna Tam. A handsome classic.

Slouchy Cable Cloche. This looks disproportionately large and chunky.

Bobbles & Cables Pullover. This sweater will be mighty heavy to wear, but sometimes one does want a sweater that's as warm as an oven, and there's no denying the texture is impressive.

Simply Stripes & Cables Poncho. I'm not sure those stripes and cables are playing well together. The shape is good.

Swingy Cable Sampler Pullover. This is another heavy but beautifully textured piece. I wish I could see the whole thing as the description says it's A-line, and though the description also claims that A-line is flattering on all body types, I can tell you from painful personal experience that this is not true.

Uncommon Cables. Not thrilled with the concept of openwork stitches between the cables of this warm sweater, which seems tantamount to designing a parka with deliberate gaps in the seams.

Curvy Cabled Throw. An attractive piece with a southwestern-style colour palette, though I do wish the burnt orange border had been continued up the sides of the piece.

Funky Chunky Throw. This one would feel quite luxuriously snuggly and be a nice statement piece in a rustic-style or clean-lined contemporary decor.

Gold & Silver Medallions Afghan. This is well designed, but I'd be going with practically any other colourway than this one, and very possibly just doing it in a single colour.

The Magic of Reversible Cables. Very nice. It's reversible, which is a good choice for a cabled scarf, and I love the mulberry colour.

Around Town Cardigan. A practical, wearable, and attractive jacket.

Cabled Panel Sweater. A well-shaped, polished piece that can be dressed up or down.

Just Like Daddy Cabled Cardi. This looks maybe a bit cumbersomely bulky for an active small child (and aren't almost all small healthy children active), but it is cute and classic.

Marant Coat. There's a relaxed fit, and then there's fits like a house, and I'm afraid this falls into the latter category. Even for a coat, this is just too heavy and unflattering.

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  1. I love your reviews! However, the Simply Stripes & Cables Poncho looks like she draped a baby blanket over her shoulders! No way would I make that for someone.