Friday, 28 October 2016

Knit.Wear Fall/Winter 2016: A Review

Knit.Wear has published its Fall/Winter 2016 issue. Let's have a look at it, shall we?

Mason Street Scarf. This is... okay. I rather like it conceptually, but the execution is a little choppy-looking.

Walnut Street Coat. I want to like this one, because the open grid effect on the collar is so smart, but this jacket doesn't sit well unless the model is clutching it shut.

Firehouse Alley Cowl. This has some very attractive stitchwork.

Mountain Avenue Shawl. This is a beautiful piece that looks good both in this wrapped style and worn long and loose.

Remington Street Tunic. This one looks like the knitted version of a political sandwich board. A woman who wears this item can use her front view to express her political beliefs and her backside to moon all those who disagree.

Linden Street Pullover. This isn't a bad little pullover, but I'm not liking the dust ruffle effect.

Pine Street Pullover. There is some interesting detail on this item. I like the stitchwork at the hips, the notched hemline, and the cuffs, but I would neaten up the fit a little and shorten the sleeves to wrist length.

Jefferson Street Hat. This is very simple, but the lush possum/merino yarn and the simple ribbing give this hat all the interest it really needs.

Matthews Street Vest. A very wearable and useful little topper.

Doresu Cardigan. This piece is good except for its shape. Long loose oblong jackets like this tend to be unflattering on most women.

Origami Vest. I can definitely see this vest working on a woman with a very contemporary dress sense.

Mofu Poncho. I've been looking at this one for a few minutes because of the sleeve construction, but I think I'm going to come down on the side of liking it. The detailing is good, the hem is beautiful, and I can imagine this piece, like the one above, working on a woman who has modern taste in clothes.

Ichiba Hoodie. The stitchwork used in the body of this hoodie is beautiful, but I'm not liking the boxy shape or the awkward-looking sleeves.

Kakasu Shawl. This piece has excellent texture, and sits so very well.

Puro Cardigan. This isn't bad. I do like the contrast front edging and buttoned cuffs. I do have reservations about how this item sits.

Guriddo Stole. Gorgeous stitchwork in this stole, though I would be more inclined to put this piece on a couch rather than on myself. But then I'm not one of those women who has the panache to carry off a dramatic wrap.

Kohno Kimono. While exaggerated poses may work from a fashion editorial perspective, they don't tend to serve the knitter who is trying to decide how well this coat looks on a woman who is not standing in front of a wind machine. I checked out the designer's page on Ravelry, which features a picture of the coat on a non-professional model, and I'd say it hangs well. I like this beautifully stitched piece, which is both contemporary while evoking the most elegant aspects of 1950s style.

Nejire Jacket. A lovely, polished piece.

Nami Cardigan. Nice piece on the whole, and it looks good buttoned up, but it isn't going to sit well when worn open.

Yuki Jacket. This cardigan is really lovely, though it is distractingly small on the model.

Sangaku Shawl. Love the eye-catching graphic appeal of this shawl.

Aita Shawl. I'm not too taken with this one -- it's a bit crude and unfinished-looking for my liking.

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  1. Thought for sure your comment on the one with the open back would reference hospital gowns!