Friday, 7 April 2017

Knit.Wear Spring & Summer 2017: A Review

Knit.Wear has released its Spring/Summer 2017 issue. Let's have a look at it.

Amherst Pullover. I'm liking the brioche detail around the neck, which is something different that works well. This is a smart piece in a casual way.

Bowery Tunic. I like the cable detail on the front of this sweater, but the shape and sizing is awful. This model looks swamped in this sweater, and that's before we see the back, which suffers from extreme mullet hem.

Cambridge Poncho. A comfortably and attractively relaxed piece with some excellent texture and good finishing. I'd neaten up the fit a little though. This is a piece that should be oversized, but one should aim for one size larger than the wearer needs, rather than two or three sizes.

Chatham Pullover. This isn't the kind of comfy sweater one wears while relaxing in an armchair by the fireplace with a glass of wine or mug of hot chocolate by one's side. This is the kind of sweater one wears while huddled in a ratty blanket in a darkened room, eating pork and beans straight from the can.

Chelsea Dolman. This thing is like a sleeping bag with sleeves, and unflattering's no word for it. Even the model is trying to warn us off with a subtle "I'm a Little Teapot" pose.

Dartmouth Tunic. Not a bad little piece if you're a fan of the tunic dress look. Shaping and detailing are good.

Falmouth Cardigan. I'm really not liking the way this bags in the back.

Greenpoint Wrap. Not a bad little understated stole. It will go well with quite casual clothes.

Hartwich Top. Cropped and slightly boxy is a hard shape to carry off. I'd lengthen and shape this top through the body, but otherwise leave it as is because the neckline and the sleeves are good.

Hyannis Port Pullover. Another baggy one, this time with some rough-looking stripes.

Lenox Pullover. This a very decent piece. The shaping is good, the detailing is interesting, and though it does have a back hem that curves into a longer length than the front, it's so well shaped that it cannot be called a mullet hem and works fairly well.

Marblehead Poncho. Seriously, knit.wear editorial staff, I'm starting to get concerned about you given that you've picked all these saggy depression sweaters. May I get you some nice endorphins? Or perhaps a little serotonin?

Nolita Top. This is something different. I'm a hard sell on mesh pieces, but this one is so carefully detailed and finished that it works quite well.

Northampton Cardigan. I like the collar and the sleeves on this, but I don't like the way the sweater hangs and bags once we get below chest level.

Park Slope Top. I do very much like the mosaic pattern and the interesting stitchwork in the body, but the stiff, dolman sleeves look so awkward that they're throwing this piece off. I'd reshape them, or make them cap length.

Quincy Scarf. A handsome and luxuriously drape-y scarf.

Rockport Vest. This looks like a half-finished project.

Sturbridge Pullover. Let's see, this has dropped shoulders, a cropped length, a boxy shape, and a mullet hem. Which is why this professional model is adopting some elaborate pose in every photo, because even she cannot make it look attractive when she's standing in a natural, realistic way.

Sutton Place Wrap. Love this one. That is some really artistic and creative cablework.

Tribeca Tunic. This is a beautiful piece. The cowl neckline sits so well, and the lacework is exquisite.

Two Bridges Cowl. Such beautiful stitchwork.

Wellfleet Pullover. Not bad. It has a dropped shoulder, which as you know I hardly ever like, but I think it works for this design, because it turns a simple chest stripe into something more interesting. The fit's a bit too big and there's a tiny mullet hem, but on the whole this is a sporty, casual piece, perfect for wearing with leggings or yoga pants.

Williamsburg Tee. Very pretty top that will likely look very fetching worn on its own.


  1. An issue that I would knit more than one garmet is pretty rare. I love the Park slope top, would make the sleeves shorter, too.

  2. Tribeca Tunic, you will be mine!